Saturday, March 31, 2012

Saturday Morning, Pinterest

Saturday Mornings . . . the proverbial sleep in day . . . three of my boys don't quite grasp the meaning of the term "sleep in" and were up bright and early with Randy. I am thankful Randy is a "get up early" kind of guy and always has been, which allows me to "sleep in".

Cameron and Cody are playing nicely together this morning. Katelyn remains in hibernation of which I am surprised as Ryan is watching television in the basement . . . her room is there. EJ and Randy are off to take care of a few errands . . . and me, I am enjoying my second cup of coffee.

Easter Vacation began yesterday for my boys . . . school let out at 11:30 a.m. They are out of school all next week and the following Monday. I pray the weather will be nice ALL week so we can get outside to play and run off a little "boy" energy.

Tomorrow is April Fool's Day . . . I need to plan a few "surprises" for my boys. Maybe Pinterest has some ideas . . .

Do you Pinterest?

For those of you who do not have even the slightest clue of what Pinterest is . . .

Pinterest is a virtual pinboard full to overflowing with great ideas, recipes, fashion, decor, decorating ideas, etc. Think of it like this: You know how you go through a magazine and either dog ear the pages or rip them out for future reference? Most times the pages are misplaced or lost . . . or maybe you just have no organization to keep all of those pages tidy and organized. Well, Pinterest would be a better option for you. Pinterest allows you to browse through other Pinterest User's ideas and boards . . . you can then repin the idea, picture, website, recipe, etc. to your own Pinterest Bulletin Boards for future reference. Organize them by subject . . . like: recipes, life, photos, great toys for boys, house, garage, fashion, encouragement, funny, cute . . . etc. I have come across so many great ideas through Pinterest. If you haven't looked at Pinterest, I challenge you to "take a look".

Here is an Example of a cupcake I found today on Pinterest . . .

Clicking the link on this picture will take you to the recipe! Awesome . . . Right?

Maybe you are looking for a little decorating inspiration.
Photos like this one may assist you on your journey.

How about a little repurposing?
An end table that has been repainted, turned upside down, cushion added and it is now a pet bed - four poster pet bed!

Or maybe you need a little Wall Decor inspiration . . .
This is gorgeous!

Whatever you are looking for . . .  Pinterest!

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