Monday, March 12, 2012

Recipe and . . .

Time for a quick post before I head to bed . . .

I wanted to post a link to a must try recipe from Pioneer Woman . . . my family loved it!

Click here for the recipe . . . HERE!

Take a look at the yummy picture . . . for those of you who didn't click the link, here is a photo from PW's blog . . .

My family raved over this corn chowder and I was amazed that they ALL inhaled it! Although this soup/chowder really could be served alone, I made up meatloaf too. The kids didn't even realize all of the veges they were consuming tonight . . . because, I hid them in the soup and meatloaf! I used my chopper to make the veges very small so hiding them was not a problem. I hid baby carrots, bell pepper, onion and green onion. There was corn in the chowder, but they LOVE corn so I didn't need to hide it. The meatloaf was a hit too, but I really think the star of dinner was the corn chowder.

Our family was treated to authentic Tres Leche cake for dessert. Alice arrived bearing a beautiful homemade cake this morning. The boys couldn't wait to dig as soon as dinner was done.

After dinner clean up, Randy worked with Ryan on Math, Cameron worked on his Spelling words while Cody, EJ and I headed out to the backyard with our furry ones. We played for a bit and then built a fire in our fire pit to clean up some leaves. EJ was a big help, however Cody wouldn't calm down so I sent him inside. He was quite keyed up and his ears weren't up to listening . . . I was afraid he would mess around near the fire pit and get hurt so inside he went.

After the kids had baths and headed to bed I introduced Katelyn to the Father Dowling Mystery series. We watched the pilot episode . . . it certainly brought back some memories for me. Katelyn couldn't get over the hefty shoulder pads that women wore inside their tops and dresses. Her biggest question was "WHY? What purpose did they serve?" I had to laugh . . . but had no reason to share.

Time to head to bed . . . my goal is to be in bed by midnight.


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Marva said...

Yum! that corn chowder recipe and pic look delish! Shoulder pads..........that's a memory! LOL

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