Monday, March 26, 2012

Praising God for a New Week!

This morning was one of those rare occassions when I was thankful for Monday morning to arrive. It seems almost wrong, doesn't it?

Last week came and went with its own set of challenges . . . the weekend included. As a Mom to five, I felt just about every emotion possible . . . Frustration and disappointment being at the top of the list. Have you ever gotten to the point where you simply need to find that "safe and quiet place" for your sanity? Well . . . that was where you would have found me on Friday afternoon.

Ryan and I struggled through a week of home school. Ryan was completely distracted with everything and simply did not put forth any effort . . . which left me disgusted, irritated, disappointed and frustrated. Friday afternoon arrived and he still had plenty of school work he had not completed for the day to keep him busy into the evening. I asked, instructed and then demanded he focus on his studies . . . to no avail. Friday afternoon about 2:00 p.m. I retreated to the serenity of our master bedroom, turned on some Christian music and relaxed.

My Mom arrived around 3:00 p.m. which brought me out of "hiding". She wanted to be here when Cody arrived home as it was his birthday. We chatted a few minutes before the other boys arrived home. The tension in my body slowly diminished throughout Mom's visit. Watching my boys and Grandma interact blesses my heart. Cody was so excited to see Grandma and gave her plenty of hugs and luvn. After a bit, Mom needed to head home to make dinner . . . our visit was sweet . . . isn't it something how God timed my Mom's arrival? Just when I needed it. It doesn't matter how old I am . . . there is something very special and calming when my Mama is in the house. Mama's are ALWAYS needed . . . even when they have nothing left to give ~ that thought made me stop and think about how my children NEED me.

Our evening concluded better than it had begun . . . to which I was truly thankful.

Saturday, Randy was working on a few things around the house. EJ and Cody were helping him . . . they love to be the "go-for" guys when Daddy needs something. I was working on household accounts when Cody came in to my desk carrying a small box. "Mommy . . . does this look Yea big?" The question caught me a bit off guard, so I asked him to repeat his question. "Well, Daddy said he wanted a tool that was white and Yea big, so is this Yea big?" I began to chuckle . . . such a sweet question! Bless his heart, he wanted to get Daddy exactly what he wanted so he checked with Mama to make sure it was right . . . all the way down to the size . . . even though he wasn't sure what Yea big was.

Ryan had to finish his schoolwork on Saturday . . . much to his sadness. He responded with, "But it is SATURDAY!" I smiled and reminded him of the assignments he had not finished on Friday. Needless to say . . . he DID finish all of his assignments.

While Ryan was finishing his school work, Cameron and I headed upstairs to tackle the closets. As much as I dread switching around clothing from Fall/Winter to Spring/Summer, it had to be done. It was also time to sort through clothing to see what was being handed down from one son to the next. The perfect time is when we are changing out clothing for the season. I made sure each closet had ample clothing and then put together totes of donations of the clothing that remained. At one time, I had two boys wearing the same size clothing  . . . so, I had plenty of clothing to set aside. The task took the majority of the afternoon and we were all ready to relax Saturday night.

Sunday began quiet and lovely, but soon erupted into argument between the boys. Although they were instructed to stop all fussing between them, they continued as if nothing was said to them. Then came the issue of telling on a brother to get him into trouble . . . even though the brother that was "telling" had also been involved in the "act". Needless to say, that did not go over well with Mom or Dad. Randy and I are consistently teaching our boys right from wrong, however they don't always choose to do the right thing regardless of the consequences.

Sunday afternoon was pretty much a carbon copy of Sunday morning . . . I had finally had enough. Nap time! It was ridiculous! Needless to say, those boys took a nap and were in much better moods when the woke (and so was I).

This morning . . . Monday Morning . . . I actually looked forward to today, even though it is the beginning of another week. I love that in the morning, all things are new again. It is like we get a "do over" each day.

Ryan is working diligently to get his classes listened to and assignments completed. The other boys are at school and Daddy is at work. Katelyn is off to college (she commutes each day) and seems to be having a pretty good day, so far.

I have managed to get Ryan on track with his studies, fed the dogs, took care of emails, found a Christian Author  . . . I am excited to read her books. Sally Clarkson is her name . . . I love that I can download books and read them immediately with my Ipad! There were three that aren't available for download, so I had to order them the "old fashioned" way. Two cups of coffee and lunch are done.

Before I pick up the boys I still have to:
  • complete my bookwork for the office
  • pick up crickets for the lizards
  • grade and check Ryan's papers
  • have devotions
  • exercise
  • check our dairy delivery order - add needed items
  • get Ryan through his school day
  • make thank you cards for Cody's birthday gifts
Better get moving or I won't get my list done!

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