Sunday, March 18, 2012


Today I warned my kiddos . . .

I am NOT buying anymore junk food!!!

You should have witnessed the looks on their faces!

Sheer panic.

"No more COOKIES???"

"No more CHOCOLATE???"

"No more CHEETOS?"


Well . . . there will be plenty of yummy, wholesome foods to snack on.

I will make sure we have a full pantry and fridges of . . .

graham crackers, granola bars, protein meta balls, pumpkin seeds, granola, fruit cups, yogurt, fresh fruit, cheese ~ cubes, baby bel cheese, slices, all natural fruit snacks

"What about FROOT LOOPS?"

I am sorry, no more fruit loops.

The look of despair . . . they are a favorite!

They were o.k. with the substitutions . . . but not the no Froot Loops.

I will continue to purchase frozen items they love . . .

They were happy with that.

Why the change in eating habits?

Randy and I have noticed the kids simply want JUNK . . .
nothing healthy, only JUNK and when they ask for a snack I remind them to choose something that is good for them . . . our youngest came out of the pantry yesterday with OREO cookies . . .
THAT is what HE wanted for BREAKFAST.

Of course, he was told he could not have OREO cookies for breakfast . . .
then the battle began.

Now I am not saying they will never ever have a candy bar again . . .
they will just not be a regular staple in our pantry.

If your kids are like mine, they would rather have McDonald's than almost anything else in the world.
Tonight I changed their minds and I was shocked!

Dinner tonight consisted of grilling out chicken and making risotto ~ for the boys.

I cut up chicken breast into cubes - about 1/2 the size of chicken nuggets.
Once the chicken was cut up, I soaked it in BBQ sauce.
After about 20 minutes, I pulled out some Reynolds Wrap and made little bbq chicken packets.
Randy took the chicken packs outside and put them on the grill.

Meanwhile, I made the kids risotto.
They had never had it before ~ I was hoping for the best.

Then I got dinner together for Katelyn, Randy and I . . .

chicken breast strips covered in onion, diced tomato and mushroom slices
again, I put serving sizes in Reynolds wrap and sealed them tightly.
Onto the grill.

Katelyn put together a wonderful salad while I was working on the risotto.
Before we knew it . . .
Dinner was served.

The first words of of our boys' mouths . . .
"What is that?"

Then came . . .
"It smells yummy!"

And then . . .
"What is in it?"

So, I explained the dish was called Risotto and it was Italian.
The ingredients are Risotto, butter, onion powder, cream and cheese.

Then I added . . .

By the way boys . . .

Bobby Flay makes Risotto . . .

a lot!

You should have seen them . . .
they dug right in and immediately I was hearing:

"This is soooooooooooo YUMMY! I LOVE IT . . . Will you make it again?"

Insert Mama smile here!

The chicken was a huge hit as well.

While they were all in yummy goodness heaven I asked them,

So, do you like McDonald's chicken better or THIS chicken better?

THIS . . . was yelled at me by ALL FOUR.


Take THAT McDonalds!

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Marva said...

We are slowly going no junk food as well. Way to go Julie!!!!

Haven't bought Froot Loops in months! ;)

We do frozen fruit snacks and all natural ice cream. We do this great natural jerky. It tastes great and it's made from sirlon. Only 50 calories for 1 oz and it has fruit in it! They also have chicken with black beans and such.

We are trying to concentrate on whole grains and fruits. I hope to start making ALL my own granola bars and cookies. We have stopped using very much processed foods like blue box mac and cheese, cake mixes, premade icing, boxed meals, ect.

Blessings and hugs to you my sweet friend on your journey!

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