Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The Kids are Growing, Spring has Sprung!

Quick question . . . How is the weather where you live? Ours has been Ultra Amazing!
The weather folks claim our weather is actually MAY weather . . .

80+ degrees again today

We are thrilled! Our boys love to get outside and play each evening.

My furry babes do too!


Fourth grade was tough today . . .

Ryan had three tests . . .  He aced all three!

Math ~~~ not so easy,

but . . .

the assignment was completed . . .

and I helped him work out a few things.

He struggles with story problems . . .

I love them ~

He does not . . .

At All!


My boys are growing ~~~

their pants are getting too short,

their toes are at the tips of their shoes.

They are wearing out the knees of their pants . . .

I am hoping all of their clothing lasts them until the end of the school year.

New sneakers cannot wait . . .

Stride Rite will be thrilled!


The kids have not minded the reduction of  "junk" food.

So far, so good.

Today I decided to try a little something new for them . . .

frozen applesauce

The boys were thrilled to help put little applesauce cups in the freezer.
(all natural applesauce)

I also found Goldfish cookies - in chocolate . . .
a little more excitement in our home!

I know, it doesn't take much to get us excited!


I absolutely loathe it . . .

Most people do.

Tomorrow, I will begin going through closets once again.

It is time to change out all of those winter clothes and replace them with spring/summer clothes.

I usually do not start this process until Mid April, but the weather has changed my schedule.

I will be retiring Cody's clothing - time to donate them as he won't be wearing them next Fall.

Then there is the hand me down process . . .

Ryan's clothing to Cameron

Cameron's clothing to EJ

EJ's clothing to Cody

I always purchase a few new items for each of the boys every season as well.

I generally shop at Hanna Andersson and Gymboree ~ sometimes Lands End.

I love SALES and right now Hanna Andersson AND Gymboree are having sales.

You just might want to check them out . . .


I took Ryan out to get his lunch today . . .
special treat!

The trees were beautiful and flowering . . .

Pear Trees are all White a beautiful,

Magnolia Trees are breathtaking!

Greenery is popping up everywhere . . .

I love seeing everything come to life in the Spring,

Don't you?

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