Sunday, March 4, 2012


I can hardly believe the end of the weekend is upon us once again. Where does time go? I know I ask this question time and again, but I am not sure I ever get an answer that satisfies me!

The boys stayed busy this weekend . . . my two youngest, EJ and Cody, were busy being Jedi . . . the light sabors were all aglow last night and the sound effects plentiful. I grabbed my cell phone and quickly too a few photos . . . I love how they caught the moment!

Jedi Cody was a fierce contender for Jedi EJ . . . look at his mad Jedi skills!

Beckett chose to "chill out" for the weekend. It looks as if she has a cigar in her mouth, however it is actually a dog treat - "fish stick" and all of the girls love them.

Ryan snuggled into the couch while playing his nintendo. I have to say . . . that boy has some long legs! Sheesh!

We were surprised today by a bit of snow . . . it was really coming down out there.

Emma was snuggled with me on the couch.

Cameron joined Katelyn, Ryan and I while watching Hazel today. Ryan was holding Beckett . . . you can see her little eyes glowing from the flash of the camera.

Another photo of the snow.

As I write tonight I can hear the tick tock of my clocks . . . such a soothing sound. The snow always seems to add a blanket of quiet, don't you think?

I need to begin birthday shopping for Cody . . . he will turn six in a few short weeks. I have no idea what to get him and have in fact asked him to give me an idea or two. No answer from him yet.

Before I end this post and head off to bed I want to share a little link I ran into tonight on Pinterest.

31 Ways to Pray for Your Children . . .

This little booklet can be downloaded and printed for your own personal use . . .

ONE prayer each day for 31 days FOCUSING on our children . . .

Surely we can all handle ONE specific prayer each day for a month, Right?



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