Thursday, March 22, 2012

a Few of My Favorite Things

Changing things up a bit tonight. A few of my favorite things . . . in pictures!

On the wall up the stairs . . . my kids - the letters read "Our Family" 
(family didn't make it into this picture)

An orchid in our foyer.

Decor on this table . . . treasured gifts from my sister.
The art ~ drawn by Katelyn.

On one of the built ins in our library . . .
a lantern, books and photo of Uncle Sam, Ryan and Aunt Darlene
On another shelf in the library is a Senior photo of my niece Gabrielle.

Standing in the foyer . . .
a photo of our library this evening

a view of part of the kitchen . . .

a Potterybarn vase/container + candle + glass rock = gorgeous and relaxing beauty

a photo of my kiddos at Easter a year ago
surrounded by candlesticks, candles and beautiful pewter ~
(Lisa Leonard designed the pewter and I chose the words)
another favorite in my kitchen . . .
easily viewed
a simple reminder

a photo from the other end of the kitchen
We absolutely love the layout and functionality.
another view from the dining area looking into the kitchen
with the lights dimmed
and more light
in the window dividing the kitchen from the eating area
my boys
family rules
Our dining table centerpiece

We love clocks, so when I found these . . .
framed clock art, I bought them
I still love them!
a close up
a few things that make me smile
a niche in the corner of the family room
the perfect place for beauty!

I hope you enjoyed "a Few of My Favorite Things"!

Do you have any favs you want to share?

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Mimi said...

JuJu, you have such a beautiful home and family. You are a lucky lady!I hope that you have a great weekend.

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