Tuesday, March 6, 2012


Tonight I was looking through Cody's school papers . . . it caught my eye . . . it brought a smile to my face . . .

I told Cody how proud I was of him and the little message from his teacher. He looked at me and said . . . "Hey, I didn't even know I did that!"

I am very proud of him and loved his comment!


Do you think it is SCARY when your life
seems to be played out in the comic section of the newspaper?

I do . . .
the Similairities between our family/home and the following comic strips . . .


I saw this on Family Circus and couldn't resist posting it . . . Oh the similarities between Family Circus and our house . . .


We have days like THIS too!


This happens to me TOO often!!!


Have a GREAT night!

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