Saturday, March 3, 2012


My heart goes out to all who endured the tornadoes these past few days. The pictures of the devastation these families . . . horrifying. We all need to pray for these families . . . it could have been us.

This photo was on this morning:

and on


There are simply no words . . .

So many people around our world are focusing onthings that simply do not matter. You can look at headlines while in the checkout lane at any retail store and read the "non important" so called "news" information. I mean seriously, Who cares about . . .
  • a celebrity that takes her dog to a vet checkup
  • who is expecting a baby in Hollywood
  • celebrities that look like their pets
  • half naked celebs that flaunt themselves
  • who is undergoing treatment for this or that
  • who is wearing what
There are so many more things in this world we should be focusing on. Right? We humans have things all messed up and out of order! We should be focusing on helping those devastated by these horrific storms. The hungry, homeless, uneducated, violence . . . so many areas in which we could focus our attention on . . . things that really matter.

Why is it that a "dung beetle" has more rights at life than a human baby? Why such an uproar to "save the trees"? What about precious human life? I came across this on Facebook this morning . . .

I know I am probably stepping on some toes of readers this morning . . . I am not trying to "join a cause" but simply state . . . we humans are a mess and we focus on the wrong things. We truly need to step back, take a minute and figure out what is REALLY IMPORTANT!

I am not saying that our earth is unimportant  . . . it is. The choices we make affect generations to come so we much not make light of our decisions. We must teach our children responsibility, to make informed choices, to not follow along simply because something is "trendy". Our children must learn what is truly imporatant in this world and we adults lead by example. If we focus on the unimportant, our children will follow.

Today, let us all focus on what is truly imporant . . . pray for those who have lost family members, their homes, pets and all they own. Remember . . . WE could have been the ones in the photos above. Wouldn't we want people around the world praying for us?

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