Saturday, February 25, 2012

Bless His Little Heart! Facebook

This morning I received a hand written letter from my seven year old EJ (Evan James). I copied it word for word and letter for letter . . . 

Dear Mom and Dad, 

Thank you fo a house, Thank you for food and water, thank you for a Grandma and Grandpa, and thank you for a bed, and thank you for a Christchin School, and Thank you for toys, and thank you for letting us go to the globe troders, and thank you for adapting us, and Your a osom Mom! and You are a osom Dad to!

Did your heart melt? Mine did! Bless his little heart! He has really been into writing lately . . . now to work on spelling! lol


Today was VERY relaxed in our house. Everyone lounged around . . . envision kids with nintendo games and the adults with Ipads. The furry ones snuggled up and enjoyed the calmness. This afternoon we watched a movie . . . we as in Katelyn, Cameron, EJ, myself and Cody - on and off. We watched:

It was a very good movie and had all of us cheering them on. This movie was VERY good and family safe.


Cody is feeling much better and I am thankful the pneumonia is responding well to the antibiotics. Cameron is coughing, as am I . . . hopefully we will both clear up soon. 


Today, I sat down and cleaned the proverbial house . . . Facebook Friends!

I figure if I don't chat with people or read their posts, why should they be on my Facebook . . .
friends from school . . .

30 years ago?

I still connect with a few, but the pickins are slim!

Many people I don't regularly chat with or even comment to.

Some people were on my friends list that don't even post a status.

So I sat down . . .

went to my FB friends list

650 PLUS

and started to un-friend.

It really felt good . . .

it was a hard thing almost as fun as getting new fb friends!

I am now down to 355 Facebook friends.

I would say . . . I made some progress.

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