Monday, February 13, 2012

Snow, Valentine's Day, This and That

Home School is finished for another day . . . Ryan is doing very well and is pretty much a straight A student. I was thrilled with him today when he took his Illinois History test and received a 100 A+ for his efforts! He studied hard and has accomplished much! Now onto the Civil War!

Our day has turned SNOWY in Central Illinois . . . and I love it!

The lake was not frozen over this morning when we woke, however it is now and the snow has begun to blanket the ice. We are expecting an inch or two of the white fluff . . . the kids will be thrilled.

Ryan has come down with a horrible cold and looks terrible. His nose and eyes are running and he said, "I just don't feel my best today." In a rather matter of fact tone. He has become quite the love bug and is definitely a Mama's boy. (and I am lovin' it)!


Laundry is humming along . . . we couldn't run it all weekend . . . the water heater was on the fritz. Randy tinkered a bit and all is well once again and I am on loads three and four. We have a bit to catch up on, but it isn't horrible. I am thankful for all of our laundry . . . I know, weird! I am just thankful for each one that makes the dirty laundry . . . I try to make it a special time to think of and pray for my kids and hubs than during laundry sorting and folding! This evening as I was QUIETLY alone in the laundry room folding clothes I was INVADED  . . . FOUR little male children decided to join me. My nice and quiet space was no longer NICE AND QUIET! Instead, socks were flying through the air, underwear were attempting to take flight onto some unsuspecting child's head and it was LOUD. Poor Beckett was trying to lay in the laundry room while I was folding . . . and she had to take cover and run for a "safe and quiet space . . . Mama"! Needless to say, two loads of laundry more have been folded and put away . . . or at least I THINK they are put away . . . the boys took them upstairs and were SUPPOSED to put them away.


Happy Valentine's Day . . . I LOVE Charlie Brown!

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