Tuesday, February 21, 2012


Another Tuesday is almost in the history books ~ so to speak . . . it is just about bedtime for me.

I have a sickie in my house . . . Cody has come down with something nasty.
Sore throat, cough, congestion . . .
I am sure he is a little petri dish full of virus germs.
The docs called him in an antibiotic ~ the office was jammed packed with patients waiting to see the pediatrician ~ no room to see any additional kiddos. I have to say, our pediatrician we have had for 19 plus years and have always without fail gotten in if the kids were sick and I was concerned enough to call.
Today was the first time I couldn't get one of the kids in.
The nurse even mentioned that her grandchild was sick and she couldn't get him/her in either.
I Praise God for one of our favorite nurses - Beth . . .
she consulted with me and then the doc . . .
symptoms given
consultation with the doc
antibiotics ordered
I am thankful!

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Marva said...

Lil John is sick too....antibiotics and cough meds. Hope Cody feels better soon!

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