Saturday, February 18, 2012

Saturday, Homeschool, Good Book

It never ceases to amaze me how many things busy us on a Saturday. Today was not exception!

I began my day by going over Ryan's papers for the week.
He accumulates plenty of seat work papers, quizzes and tests.
Each day I tell him the lesson he is on and expect him to listen to the class on streaming and then do each lesson's papers as the teacher instructs. Most of the week went pretty well . . .
until we took a field trip. The field trip was awesome, but getting that boy back into schooling - 
not so awesome! (insert unhappy mom here).
So, today I sat the papers he worked  was supposed to have completed in front of him.
Guess what he got to do today?!?!?!
Saturday School.
Yep, cause this Mama Teacher is tough.
Needless to say the boy is less than thrilled, but completing those pages he neglected.


I also tackled the making of new file folders for the 2012 invoices, receipts, bills, etc.
Let's just say . . . I had plenty to make.
Now everything is filed away . . .
the filing folder is E.M.P.T.Y!


I started reading a little book that was recommended by Lysa Terkeurst.
A Place at the Table
by Chris Seay

So far, it is a great book and I can't wait to sit down and devour a few more chapters!

Click HERE for a link.

I downloaded the book and was reading it within minutes on my Ipad.

Book Description

January 15, 2012
In a culture built on consumption--especially of food--it is easy to forget the poor that Jesus cared so much about. Following the pattern of his successfulAdvent Conspiracy, Chris Seay invites readers on a journey of self-examination, discipline, and renewed focus on Jesus that will change their lives forever.

He challenges readers to eat like the poor for forty days in solidarity with a much-neglected group of people, and to donate the money they save on groceries to a charity or project that serves the poor in concrete ways. But he doesn't expect them to go it alone. A Place at the Table includes a short chapter for each of those forty days with Scripture, reflections, prayers, encouragement, and tips for engaging the whole family in the process. The six-session DVD, shot in such locations as the Holy Land, Haiti, and Ecuador, will help small groups and entire churches go on a passionate journey of radical faith, personal action, solidarity with the poor, and extravagant grace.


I also checked in on Facebook, my Blogs, played a few games of Spider Solitaire 
and took a little snooze.

I am going to finish up a few things . . .

finish tidying my desk ~ now that I have found it again!

feed the baby beardies . . .

throw in two loads of laundry

get the boys to bed early

grab a cup of coffee and a big ole water

head to the family room to find something to watch on television or movies.

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