Saturday, February 4, 2012

Our Girl . . . Happy 19th Birthday!

Today, February 4 our girl turned NINTEEN years old!

Birthdays are usually posted about by making a list containing special things about the birthday kiddo . . . one for each year . . . this year I am changing it up a bit and including some pictures . . . hmmmmm 19 . . . I think I can do that!
1. Our Katelyn is such a Blessing! She is whimsical and Makes Our Hearts Smile!
It was during her 18th year that she began drinking coffee!
Can you say Starbucks?
 2. Katelyn is a joy to be around. She is beautiful inside and out!
Katelyn never ceases to amaze me!
3. Katelyn's nickname is DEET . . .
When my sister Janeie's girls were tiny they couldn't say Katelyn . . .
one day one of them called her DEET
and it stuck!
 4. Our girl LOVES jewelry!
5. Katelyn loves to draw and has since she was big enough to hold a crayon!
She also is interested in history . . .
the cemetary is a great source for inspiring drawings, photos and history.

6. Katelyn has always been photogenic . . .
and we have had her in front of the camera enough to make her think we are the paparazzi!

7.  See . . . check out the hands posing! lol
It has become automatic for her . . . even when her brothers are a bit . . .
8. This little beauty was drawn by Katelyn a few years ago.
Katelyn's art talent is definitely God given.
 9. Broadening her drawing comfort zone has been what her Freshman year in college is about.
She was the only one in her class that was willing to tackle a burmese python skelton drawing.
It is pretty wicked looking . . . don't you think?
 10. The latest art asignment consisted of drawing a large cupcake.
I laughed when I saw the rough sketch . . .
not only can Katelyn rock out a drawing of the cupcake,
but in reality she can bake them too!
Katelyn loves to cook and bake . . .
she is very handy in the kitchen.
11. This photo is of Ryan and Katelyn a few weeks ago at the Globetrotter game.
I am not sure what she was looking at, but she was totally in the moment.
 12. This is one of Katelyn's drawings. She was commissioned to draw Albert Pujols BEFORE he was traded from the Cardinals. I find it remarkable that Katelyn can capture a "moment in time" so beautifully. The client she drew this for was thrilled with it.
13. Katelyn won 1st in the State of Illinois with this drawing. Even during her Senior year of highschool she captured the beauty of this baby.

Katelyn amazes me . . . she can literally walk into a room and lights it up . . . just like her art.
14. Katelyn captured the purity of a baby and his daddy's hand.
Katelyn's heart is tender and she loves "people".
I love her tender heart and that she takes the time to pay attention to others.
During her brief time at Bradley, Katelyn has touched many. She told me of an old man she
came across one day while on campus. Apparently, the man had worked at Bradley for years and years before retiring. He visited Bradley daily and one day he and Katelyn crossed paths.
The man was touched . . .
Katelyn actually stopped to talk to him and listen to what he had to say.
I often wonder, how many people actually crossed paths with the old man and never even noticed him.

 15. Katelyn tends to "live" outside the proverbial box so to speak.
She enjoys things that aren't so common . . .
She is a bit quirky . . .
she likes lizards, cemetaries, froggies, impromptu outings, reading and living at home
(not that I mind!)
 16. Katelyn absolutely loves college and she is thriving!
 17. Katelyn is enjoying her life . . . learning about herself . . . expanding her drawing skills.
She doesn't worry about boyfriends, partying or getting away from family.
Our girl has her head on straight and has priorities.
(She probably even has a secret bucket list!)

 18. I love that our girl LOVES, LOVES, LOVES her Grandparents!
She makes time for family and she really enjoys when she and Grandma have outings.
She also spends special moments with Grandpa and other family members.
She is sitting with Grandpa and Beckett in the above photo. This photo was taken at my sister Janeie's house on Thanksgiving day.
19. Katelyn . . . there isn't one word to describe her enough . . .

Grand Daughter


Happy 19th Birthday Precious Girl!
You will always be MY girl . . . regardless of your age!

and as I have said so many times before . . .

Katelyn Elisabeth . . . You take my breath away.


Mimi said...

I hope that your Katelyn has a very happy and special day!

The Whitakers said...

Happy Birthday Beautiful Kate!!! We love all the pictures! The girls can't wait for tomorrow night. They've been talking about it all day! :)

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