Sunday, February 12, 2012

Our Day in Photos

BABY it is a COLD ONE out there today . . . temperature is 28 degrees but feels like 19 and it is NOON. I would prefer a snowstorm rather than the frigid temps . . . at least a snowstorm is beautiful!

The cold does make the skies much more clear . . . It is absolutely frigid looking out there though!

These past two day my kiddos have been busy watching back to back movies. An unusual weekend for us for sure! Yesterday they watched some of their favorite animated movies and ended up with back to back Star Wars for the afternoon and evening. I know boys absolutely love, love, love Star Wars, but I never really found the allure of it. (sorry Star Wars fans!)

Today the boys are watching the Smurfs . . . I say bring back Star Wars . . . would rather listen to light sabors than Smurfs! lol

These boys know how to veg out in style.

My furry babes found a bit of sun shining into the kitchen.

Beckett was a bit nervous to have her picture taken.
The cell phone made her eyes look weird.
Plus we accomplished the Valentine's Day Card task.
Cameron writing his cards.

EJ writing his Valentine's Day Cards.

The cards - glow in the dark Monsters and a treat - Blow Pops!
The parents will Thank Me!

My kids are all INTO Etch a sketch. We gave one to Katelyn for her birthday and the boys absolutely love it . . . so we got all of them one.

Katelyn's latest school assignment -  bottle drawing.
This is her almost finished bottle.

I have Ryan working on his State of Illinois notebook for history class today.
Tomorrow will be his big test and then he will be moving on to the Civil War.
I am excited for him to move on!!!

Tonight I will be working on preparing his Illinois test . . . the big one!

Homeschooling has been pretty great so far . . .
although I have to say, this section on our State has been a bit intense . . .
much more hands on since I had to locate the information and help him get his notebook together.
Then there are the tests and quizzes for this section as well.
Praising God we will be finished up with Our State and moving on . . .
I really think Ryan will enjoy the Civil War!

I want to take Ryan on a field trip . . .
to Springfield Illinois since we will be finished up with that section.
Then there are the Museums in Chicago that I would love to visit with Katelyn.
Who knows . . . we may just make a weekend of it sometime.

I must close . . .
the History test preparation will take a bit to complete.

Have a great evening.


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