Thursday, February 16, 2012


Field Trip Day . . . yesterday Ryan had a field trip . . . to the Lakeview Museum. It was AMAZING! I took a ton of photos . . . Ryan learned a lot, as did I.

The very first thing we did inside the Museum was PLAY.
There was this amazing hands on learning experience . . .
thousands of plastic tubes with pink tips . . .
push from the back and it become 3D on the front . . . 
we played with this display for 20 minutes or so . . .
Katelyn got in on it too.
The above photo is the side of Ryan's head
and his hand.

The many faces of Ryan . . . and hands.

This one reminds me of a sonogram.

This is Katelyn - she had her glasses on . . .

Ryan was absolutely in his glory with all of these gems, fossils, minerals and rocks.

 Triceratops Horn

fossils - they are really amazing


magnetics - Katelyn and Ryan working together to build a bridge of magnets.

 being a dentist

wind tunnel


 cloud mushroom maker


I will name him "George"!




video game of being the TREX

textiles - I really like them.



hovering ball


 scary bugs - very large - wouldn't want to find these guys in the house

a slice of tree

We thoroughly enjoyed the museum . . . and frankly could have stayed there for hours but Katelyn had class once again starting at 1:00 p.m. So . . .
we headed out to lunch . . .

Look at the desserts . . .

Apple Crustini


Key Lime Pie

Death by Chocolate cake!
Ryan is thrilled.

After the museum and lunch Ryan and I headed to Petsmart to pick up crickets for Apollo.
We stopped to look at the baby beardies . . . 
mind you, we only stopped for crickets . . .
we headed home an hour and a half later with:

two baby beardies - now affectionately named Zeus and Artemis 2

Zeus is the lighter colored one and Artemis 2 is the darker one.

the baby beardies moved into Apollo's terrarium
and Apollo got himself new digs . . .

a much larger terrarium!

Everyone is happy in their little homes and the baby beardies are a blast to watch.
They are so cute!

We had an amazing day . . .
we were thoroughly exhausted . . .
we can't wait to go again!


The Whitakers said...

i love all the pictures Julie.Especially the one of Ryan eyeing the very large piece of cake! Every field trip should be that great!! :)

Marva said...

What a fun day! That looks like an awesome place to learn and discover!!! :)

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