Monday, February 27, 2012


As most of you know, I have a cold/bronchitis thing. It is one of those nagging, tickle in the throat, mucus in the chest, nasty keep you up all night cough that you would swear you need to start wearing Depends for. Like most people, I hate having a cold, bronchitis or pneumonia. Alas, it didn't matter that I didn't want it ~ even though I had a cold three weeks ago . . . it hit hard and fast, but I am thankful a cold/bronchitis is treated pretty easily and recovery is only days or maybe even weeks away.

I am Thankful for a loving and patient family when I am not feeling my best. I am Thankful for Alice to help with the house ~ even more so when I am not feeling well.

Tonight, I have many emotions brewing around in my head and heart. Many in this world are suffering with illness . . . more than just a cold. How can I complain about a cold when others are enduring much, much more.

Sadness . . . if you have read my blog for very long you will remember my asking for prayer for a precious little girl named Kate with brain cancer. She began her journey a few years ago and has had no active signs of cancer in her MRIs the past several scans. This sweet little girl has blue eyes and blond hair . . . has been having a bit of weakness in her right leg. Her kidneys may not be strong enough for further treatment. Kate is scheduled to have a Brain and Spine scan this Thursday at 1:00 p.m. and her family is requesting God's people to pray. Will you join me in praying for this sweet little girl and her family?

This is Kate . . .

This is Kate and her family. . . I copied these photos from their caringbridge site so you could see her beautiful eyes and sweet smile.

You can read about or contact Kate's family HERE.

Solemn . . . quiet in my heart as I ponder all that is important to me . . . all that I am.

Prayerful . . . for those that I love. Two very special Aunts ~ enduring more than imaginable. My Cody recovering from pneumonia. My Ryan, Cameron and Evan as they learn to make good choices. My Katelyn as she travels to and from college and all she encounters each day. My husband Randy . . . he always has so much on his mind, I don't think his brain ever takes time off. My parents, sisters, brother and their families . . . between all of us and my immediate side of the family - 25 family members in all . . . safety, health, day to day endeavors and life in general. My husbands side of the family as well . . . elderly parents, 18 family members in all . . . again, safety, health day to day endeavors and life in general. 

Thankfulness for sweet images of an Aunt and Uncle in pictures from the past. Thankful for amazing memories made through the years. Thankful they are no longer in pain, have no worry and are together in Heaven.

Blessed . . . I feel blessed beyond measure and Proud of my heritage. This afternoon I received a sweet sweet message from my dear friend Angie. We met at the eye doctors office . . . she works there and I am a patient. We immediately connected the very first time I was there. This afternoon I found out that Angie lived on the same street as my Grandma, Aunts and Uncles when she was growing up. Here is what she wrote after that . . . it is sweet!

"And why I felt a connection with you .......... it was those Fisher genes. They are the best. When you walked into your Grandma Fisher's house you felt the love there."

I remember Grandma's house fondly. It is crazy, but today my Mom dropped by some old pictures for me to look at . . . in those pictures . . . Grandma, the grand kids, the house and the front porch with pictures of her children and grandchildren. Putting the conversation with Angie, my Mom and the photos together . . . gotta be God's timing. Perfect. Remembering Grandma and her house has been going on in my head for years and years . . . today I relived through photos and sweet memories from a friend . . . a long time family friend.

Relieved . . . 

Grateful . . .

Amazed . . . I am amazed at how God works. Writing that just now takes my mind back to the old hymn - I stand amazed in the presence of Jesus the Nazarene . . .

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Mimi said...

I am praying for beautiful kate and her family.
I hope that you feel better soon, JuJu, please take care!

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