Wednesday, February 8, 2012

a Little about Each of them

I am sorry for the lack of posts the past few days . . . I have a cold and my brain decided to take a vacation . . . I couldn't get my thoughts together enough for a post.

Yesterday, Katelyn's easel arrived in two boxes . . . not assembled. Katelyn decided that she would put it together herself . . . until the instructions didn't make sense any more. So . . . I decided to help out. Together we put the easel together  . . . and here it is:

As you can see . . . it didn't take long for her to get a chair and get to drawing. I love her little smile!
The lighting is a tad weird in this photon - taken with my cell phone.

Katelyn began working on her homework . . . a bottle drawing.
She sketched out a glass bottle . . . 
She LOVES her easel "table". 


Katelyn's last class was dismissed early yesterday so she picked the boys up from school.
The kids came in and immediately began sharing their day.
The house is ALWAYS very LOUD about 3:15 p.m.
I listened to each of my boys waiting to hear what exciting things happened during school . . .
some days what seems exciting to them (so-n-so threw up) is not so exciting for mom!
Cody and EJ were very excited about the happenings of the day . . .
Cameron, not so much.
Cameron brought home a note from the teacher.
I called Cameron to me . . . I could tell he was a bit distraught.
The teacher's note was to the point . . .
"Cameron was caught cheating today."
I read the note and then looked up to see tears streaming down Cameron's face.
I asked him to tell me what happened.
Through tears and sobs I heard:

"We were taking a quiz/test (I don't remember which) so-n-so finished his and took it to the teacher's desk. When he came back to his desk, he sat on his knees in his chair and leaned over to see my paper.
He told me one of my answers was wrong.
Mommy, I wanted to get a 100 so since he said it was wrong I erased it and changed my answer.
Then when the teacher graded it . . .
the answer I had first was the right answer."

Cameron asked the other boy why he told him his answer was wrong when it was actually right . . .
the teacher heard and became involved at that point and sent a note home about cheating with both kids.

What did I say to Cameron?

I asked him if he thought the first answer was right when he wrote it. He answered yes.
I told him that just because another child tells him an answer is wrong does not mean the other child is correct. Then I said, "God gave Cameron a very smart brain that knew the answer but Cameron chose to listen to someone else's brain instead. The other child got the answer wrong and since Cameron listened to the child, he got the answer wrong too." 

Then I told Cameron ~ Trust your own brain . . . You knew the answer!

I thanked him for telling me and not hiding that he had gotten into trouble.

I also told him . . . "I believe what you are telling me."

Cameron is a good student . . . I know that he was fully aware of the answer. This is the first instance I am aware of that Cameron has let another child "influence" him to do or change something.
He wanted to get a 100% so badly he questioned himself and then changed his answer.

I did tell Cameron to tell the teacher next time another student is trying to 
get him to change his answers on a test or quiz.


Last night, life in our house was loud!

The boys were all playing wii sports and having a great time . . .

until our youngest child became a poor sport and clobbered our third youngest child 
in the nose with his wii remote!

a SCREAM, blood and our youngest running from the "scene of the crime" . . .

Our third youngest . . . second son was

pinching his nostrils, grabbing Puffs tissues,  pushing pressure points below the nose . . .

while I:

inspected the cut on the nose

calmed the kids

punished the youngest

comforted the injured

checked for a broken nose

all before Daddy was home from work . . . (he had a dinner meeting).

The son apologized to the brother and the evening continued peacefully.


I am beginning to think our oldest son Ryan is a teenager!
I know he is only 9 years 4 1/2 months, BUT
that boy likes to stay up late and sleep in the next morning!
Not kidding!


It doesn't seem right not to mention EJ in this post since we have touched on everyone else!

I am beginning to think EJ has blond under that dark head of hair!

This past weekend we were watching television together when an ad for cereal came on.
You may have watched this commercial a time or two and can relate . . .

A man is sitting at the breakfast table when his wife enters the room. She walks to the table and the husband tells her to try a bit of his new cereal. She takes a bite, grabs the milk, pours it into the cereal box and grabs a spoon to eat it.

This commercial played several times over the course of a few hours . . . EJ turned and said to me, "Mommy, do you know how many boxes of cereal that lady has ate? She has ate four or five boxes with milk!" 

I am sure the look on my face was of disbelief! 
Surely he didn't think that woman was simply sitting there eating box after box 
each time he saw the commercial!

Oh YES he did!

I explained to him . . . EJ that was a commercial ~ not real!
The lady isn't eating a new box every time you see the commercial!


I Love them BOYS!

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Natalie said...

I have to say...I love this post...all the drama, it just brings me comfort to know that there is another MAMA struggling with boys the good, the bad, the ugly and the funny! EJ's story....the BEST!!! LOL! seriously funny!

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