Sunday, February 26, 2012

End of the Weekend Update

The weekend is coming to a close . . .
how do I know?

For Several Reasons . . .

the kids have school tomorrow

Randy will be at work tomorrow

early bedtime for all of them

laundry is done

The Worst Cooks in America is on tonight ~ always Sunday Night!


This evening I also took time to write my Compassion kids . . .

Parn, Yesseli, Joselin, Sergio, Jonatan, Kevin, Rafael, Alan, Sudeep, Ashok, Israel and Joven.

I have their pictures hanging in a special place:

I have always wanted many children . . .

have five of my own to raise up


twelve more to pray for, write to, help to support and to love.

All together I have 17 children ~~~

Hey, I am catching up to the Duggar Family!

(o.k. only kidding about catching up to the Duggars!)

We are blessed in receiving letters from each of them . . .

God's Precious Children


Katelyn has been busy in her Art classes at college.

Here are a few of her latest assignments:

The Cupcake . . .

Bottle Drawing . . .

 Drawing with Pastels . . . Katelyn chose this little ol' froggy . . .

Yes, Katelyn drew this . . .

Isn't it amazing?

I think it looks like it could hop right off of the paper.

He looks slimy and his eyes seem to stare right into you!

What do you think?


Katelyn has made me a cup of coffee and it is time for the 

Worst Cooks in America on Food Network . . . 

gotta go!

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