Sunday, February 19, 2012

Drawing, Pioneer Woman, Recipe

I think I saw the weekend blur in front of my eyes!

Wow, Sunday night 11:11 p.m. as I begin this post. Just where did this weekend go?

The kids are home tomorrow from school - all but Katelyn, in honor of President's Day.
Should be an interesting day ~ to say the least.
Randy will be at work, so it will just be me and the boys.

Katelyn worked on home work all weekend . . .
I felt bad that she had to study the weekend away and not have tomorrow off.
She did finish up a new drawing assignment,
Do you want to see it?

Yea, I thought you might!

The class was assigned "bottle" drawing.
This photo doesn't do the drawing justice!


This afternoon Katelyn FINALLY took a break from studying . . .
we watched the newest Twilight movie.
I have watched all three with Katelyn and I think the last one was the best . . .
as far as vampire movies go.


Have you ever heard of Pioneer Woman?
I have followed her blog for several years and NOW she has her own Food Network Show!

I LOVE watching her show and see her yummy recipes!

She recently made a little something she called Pop Pulled Pork on her show . . .
on her blog she named it Spicy Dr. Pepper Shredded Pork.
Whatever you call it, spell it . . .


Here is the link:


My family RAVED about this yummy delicious Pulled Pork.
If you aren't big into spicy . . . just cut back on the Chipotle peppers.
We used a small can and it was just right for us.
Try it . . . you will love it!


Emma is on the puppy pillow snoring.
Beckett is between my arms as I type.
Mia has gone to bed with Katelyn. I am sure they are snuggled.
The beardies' UV and Basking lights are turned off.
Four little boys are snuggled in their beds.
Randy turned our bedroom light out an hour ago.
The guinea pig is nestled in his bedding.
The fish and froggies - well, they are doing whatever it is that they do at night.

The house is quiet ~ except for Emma's snores.

Tomorrow, we can sleep in . . .
except for Katelyn and Randy.

What do you think the chances are that the boys will sleep in?
Maybe I should have told them we will be having school tomorrow!!!

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