Wednesday, February 22, 2012

1000th Post and Pneumonia is in the House

Wow. . . post number 1000!!! I can hardly believe I have hit 1000 posts!

Today I spent all morning in the Urgent Care with Cody.
Cody's fever was low grade yesterday, but spiked up today to 103.5.
The docs office could not get us in ~ in fact, I couldn't even get through to them ~ they are that busy.
Seems like there must be an epidemic or something going on.
So, we headed into the Urgent Care and saw the doc there.
Doc ordered up a chest Xray - I knew that one was coming!
Off to Xray we went and waited a few minutes to get in.
A very nice guy took the Xray and in minutes we were headed back to the Urgent Care.
Another half hour later and we had the diagnosis confirmation for the head of Xray and the doc . . .
pneumonia in Cody's left lower lobe.
So, he will be out of school for the remainder of the week.
He is to continue with his zithromax, rest, drink plenty of fluids, humidifier to sleep, treat fever and give breathing treatments as needed.

We headed back home and arrived about a half and hour ago. 
Checked in on what Ryan has accomplished with his home school for today.
I was pleased to see that he did three days work in history and is finished with history for the week.
Woo Hoo!
He only has to take two quizzes and work on his spelling for the day.

 Tonight - we will all chill out . . .
and early bed sounds really good!


Marva said...

Oh,no!!! I hope and pray Cody feels better soon and recovers quickly. John(Lil) is also on Zithromax. Blessings!

The Whitakers said...

This is the first I've checked your blog in a couple days! I hope Cody is feeling some better. What an ordeal. And that you are getting plenty of rest trying to do all oyu do, PlUS having one sick little guy! Take care,
love you guy6s, Kristi

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