Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Weirdness on Our Home Front

Sorry for the no post yesterday . . .  life kind of got in the way.

Life continues to be busy . . .

being a wife, mom, professional, teacher, organizational guru, photographer, Shutterfly book maker, nurse, chauffeur, dog mama, lizard cage cleaner, laundress, house cleaner, record keeper, tax preparation, file clerk, entertainment coordinator and devotion leader . . . can really take a lot of time.

Around Christmas, Randy and I were at lunch, chatting about this and that when he brought up the subject of hiring someone to help with our home . . . full time. I was a bit leery and questioned him about exactly what he was thinking. A woman to come into our home each weekday to take care of the cleaning. We already had "Sue" to clean the main floor bi-monthly, but Randy wanted a full time "maid". 
I was a bit taken back by his suggestion and told him I would think about it. Honestly, I figured he would change his mind and the subject of a full time "maid" would be forgotten about.

Fast forward to January . . . mid January.

Randy brought up the subject of a maid once again and he really wanted to give it a try.

So . . . I agreed.

Fast forward once again to this past Monday . . .
Randy introduced me to a woman ~ she had a lovely smile and for my post I will simply call her "Alice". 

Fitting, don't you think?

Alice arrived Tuesday morning ready for her first day at our home.
I had put together a notebook of daily chores and divided our home into areas to be cleaned each day.
Alice  had taken the notebook home on Monday so she could read over and plan her day.
Tuesday Morning Alice told me that she didn't understand a lot of the notebook ~ Alice speaks and read fluent Spanish but had a bit of trouble with English . . . her daughter tried to help her, but Alice felt better with me showing her how I did things, which was fine with me.
Tuesday went well, but was a bit strange . . .
I am certainly not accustomed to having someone taking care of our entire home.

Wednesday . . . Alice arrived like clockwork. She arrived with a smile and was ready for her day. The kids greeted her with smiles and were getting ready to head out the door for school. Alice was very helpful . . . she found one of the baggies containing lunch money and asked who it belonged to. EJ dropped it . . . surprise, surprise . . . that boy loses things all the time.
Hopefully he will grow out of that soon!

Ryan and I began his school day . . .
we had plenty to tend to . . . Math, Science, History, Language, Poetry, Reading, Penmanship and Spelling. Once Ryan began his reading lesson I went to the laundry room to start laundry.  Alice soon joined me and asked me how I went about our laundry. After a few "this is how" instructions I went back to schooling, the laundry was running and Alice began the days "to do" list . . . the kitchen, pantry and eating area. Alice is very thorough and cleaned from top to bottom . . . including windows.
The buzzer on the dryer sounded, so I went into the laundry room and began folding clothes. Much to my surprise, Alice joined me and asked to help me. We folded and seperated our laundry together and then I grabbed a stack of Cody's clothing and headed upstairs. Alice was right behind me. I put away Cody's clothes and went into Cameron and EJ's room to help Alice with their clothing when she took the clothing in my arms . . . she told me that she would put away their clothing . . .
she would figure out where they belonged.

WOW! I have to tell you . . . I am in a bit of shock . . . I am not quite certain how to react.
I certainly appreciate all of the superb help around the house.
I am thankful that the house chores are accomplished while I am tending to Ryan's schooling, office work, head into the office, taking care of this or that or running errands.

I have a busy day tomorrow . . .
plenty to take care of.

The weekend is coming and I intend for our family to enjoy every minute of it . . .
we will NOT be cleaning!


This afternoon, I helped Ryan clean Apollo's aquarium.
Apollo is doing quite well . . . although little Artemis died last Friday.
Randy thought Artemis was a bit unhealthy when we brought her home . . .
she wasn't real active and didn't look around like she was aware of her surroundings.
Artemis quit eating on Thursday and died Friday morning while I was holding her.

Apollo is growing and shedding some skin ~
strange to see, but also very interesting.

Apollo loves to hang out with Ryan . . . he also loves to eat crickets.
Apollo is a good Bearded Dragon.


Natalie said...

Good for you deserve a break from something!! Your husband is a good man, for thinking of you, and all that you do...What a blessing!! RIP little Artemis!!

Marva said...

So glad you have some great help! Life can be overwhelming sometimes!

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