Friday, January 6, 2012

A Very Full Day and Home school Day 1

January 6 has been a VERY full day for me . . . can I just say, "I am WIPED out!"

The morning began early . . . 

get out of bed

wake kids



remind kids to get dressed

check on kids

head downstairs to the kitchen for coffee

kids' breakfast

wait for Katelyn to come upstairs to the kitchen

head back upstairs to "paint the barn" & blow dry hair

finish upstairs

grab shoes, purse & Beckett

head off to the bank and then work

put the morning it at the office

Ryan was with Daddy - his school books had not arrived yet

at the office I balanced the checkbook

had a meeting

checked emails

took care of a few phone calls and appointments

left the office with Katelyn, Ryan and Beckett

stopped at the hair salon for hair product

headed home

let Mia and Emma out to go potty

loaded back into the car with Katelyn, Ryan, Mia and Beckett

off to visit good friends ~ a surprise visit!

had a lovely visit with friends

time for school to let out soon

back into town to pick the boys up from school

headed home

once home, the telephone and door bell rang simutaneously

we took care of both

the boys unloaded school books


After separating the books out, Ryan was excited to begin . . .

so we began . . .

we found where he had left off at school and went from there

We are only one day behind the other kids . . . 

we will make that up tomorrow.

Ryan did very well . . .

the other boys returned time and again to "see" what we were doing

they wanted a piece of the "action"

they were made to leave the room 

we had much to accomplish

and we did!

Here are some photos:

 The boy is THINKING he is LOVING Home School! Look at that face!


Ryan did a fabulous job on his school work tonight.

I was very proud of him . . .

he is really good at Math . . .

he is a good reader and read to his mama tonight

we will work on a bit of reading smoothness and writing clearly

he is going to have a strong second semester

we are both excited

and relieved!

For now . . . 

this mama is ready to relax 

and go to bed.



The Whitakers said...

Hooray! Good for you guys!! Your going to have a great semester! :)
Love, the Whitakers :)

Marva said...

Looks like he was really working hard and enjoying it! Great job Juju!

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