Saturday, January 7, 2012

Two New Additions to Our Home

Many of you have already viewed the photo of our two new additions . . . so, for those of you who have not, let me introduce you to: Artemis and Apollo . . .

Artemis is on the left and is the smaller Bearded Dragon and Apollo is on the right . . . the larger of the two. They joined our family this afternoon.

Ryan has been asking for a lizard for three or so years now. Today he finally got them ~ although Katelyn has claimed little Artemis. She also named them both for they mythelogical greek gods Artemis and Apollo - the sun god. Apollo has some orange coming through in his coloring and should be quite pretty as he gets older. Artemis is a bit younger than Apollo and isn't showing any color yet.

The little lizards weren't my choice . . . I prefer cute and fluffy, but they certainly have thrilled the boys, Katelyn AND Randy. In fact, tonight Randy had Apollo on his chest and they both were watching television . . . no, I am not kidding!

 Apollo seems to  be  posing.

 Artemis is really into chilling out!

Cameron, Cody and EJ are really curious about the lizards.

The pictures make the lizards look a little bigger than they actually are.

Life around our house is certainly unusual!

Most of the time it is entertaining!


This morning while looking out the kitchen window Randy noticed this guy:

 a Beautiful Bald Eagle . . . just sitting on the ice

Not sure than he liked his photo taken, he decieded to fly off . . . he did return a bit later.
He was gorgeous!


The Whitakers said...

Oh Julie! You are so, most definitely, the perfect mama for 4 little boys!!!! :) :) :) Keep the lid on tight! :)

Marva said...

Congrats on the new additions! I have a feeling that my soft and fluffy will be turned into cold blooded amphibian as well...since I have boys. LOL! The photos of the bald eagle are beautiful! What a site! Blessings!

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