Monday, January 16, 2012


Today has been VERY long . . . it doesn't seem that I have enough time in my day sometimes. My morning began by getting three of the boys off to school. PTL Katelyn takes them!

By 8:00 a.m. Ryan is in full swing with video school . . . Math begins our day! While he works through each lesson, I am close by to hear what he is learning and ready to answer any questions he has. Today I was busy with house hold paperwork and such. I was swamped today and it seems like it doesn't let up. The good news - the house is in good order and clean. The laundry . . . done for the most part ~ that is until after bath time tonight. Katelyn has been a huge help with the laundry!

Besides home school and home office computer work, I . . .

  • helped the boys tidy their rooms before school
  • emailed work with a list of to dos and make sure ofs
  • took time to talk with my Mama on the telephone - my cell phone as the home telephone had a problem and the telephone company was supposed to repair it . . . they did and it rang for the first time in days about 4:30 p.m.
  • Ryan finished up each subject and I monitored his progress plus checked his work and graded his test and quizzes. He is doing very, very well!
  • I worked on a Cleaning Schedule Binder for our home. I am pleased to have it complete. Everything is now scheduled by day and should help out tremendously!
  • Took pictures of Katelyn, Ryan and the lizards
  • I balanced the business checkbook.
  • Balanced the home checkbook
  • Worked with Cameron and Ryan on Multiplication and Division flashcards.
  • Looked through the kids' take home papers
  • Took care of emails
  • Placed orders with Amazon and Alice of things we need. Free shipping is awesome!
I am now thoroughly pooped out! I look forward to tomorrow morning - Hair appointment for me! Woo Hoo and Yippee! Ryan will be home with Katelyn as he works on his schooling . . . everything is already laid out and ready for him. 

Before I close for the evening I leave you with a few photos from today . . . I just know you want to see those friendly lil' lizards again!!! lol

Ryan taking a lizard break.

Apollo taking a "kid" break. His orange coloring is really coming through.

Katelyn with Artemis

A few photos of my finished Cleaning Binder . . .

I have a few more things to accomplish before bed tonight:
  • tidy my desk
  • devotions with the boys
  • poem reading with the boys
  • personal devotions
  • listen to Turning Point
  • read a few chapters in the book I am reading
  • watch Castle with Katelyn
Still a bit to do before I turn in . . . 

How about you? What did you do today?

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