Friday, January 13, 2012

Thursday and Friday

Well, we are receiving a lot of snow today - they estimate 3-5" at the latest check and not to end until sometime tomorrow. We LOVE it!

This morning I took the opportunity to write the next three weeks of home school into my planner. I also have all of the worksheets, speed drills, quizzes and tests all ready for the next week. I will do the same next week, but will have it done for two weeks instead of only one. We have a bit of make up to do . . . for some reason (of which I don't know the reason).


I ended up a bit sidetracked yesterday and did not finish my post . . . ooops!

Anyway, Ryan continues to do well, for which I am thankful! He looks forward to school each morning and is ready and charged to get busy each day. Today is test day . . . Math and Spelling. The actual time schooling is a bit shorter on test days as there is no teaching for those subjects, only tests. Ryan loves test days!


Each morning I receive a Joni email . . . here it is for this morning:

Let all the earth keep silence before him. --Habakkuk 2:20

The Sierra Mountains of California rise abruptly from the flat floor of the Mojave Desert. It's a place of dramatic vistas and I love traveling there this time of year. Right now the Sierras are covered in snow. And so is the desert which stretches all the way to the eastern horizon. It's one long, high, wide breathtaking panorama of endless white.

It's an infinite, colorless world; it's also a quiet world. Not a stirring in the air, not the sound of car in the distance, not the trickling of a brook or the rush of a river. You can hear -- no,feel -- the quiet. It's a heavy and profound. On this crisp January day the Sierras, and the desert lying at its feet, are a perfect illustration of Habakkuk 2:20. The awesome display of God's creative power seems much more powerful when it is silent in its splendor.

Charles Wesley wrote, "Let all mortal flesh keep silence, And with fear and trembling stand; Ponder nothing earthly minded, For with blessing in His hand, Christ our God to earth descendeth, Our full homage to demand."[1] Find time today to get outside, even if you have to wrap up warmly. You may not be near a desert or the mountains, but locate a place of quiet, a scene of icicle silence. A park covered in snow. A bird feeder all frosty. A tree wearing icy diamonds in the sunlight. A distant woods across a field. Or perhaps watching the cool, pink winter sunset from your back porch. Take in the beauty around you... then join in with the landscape and be still before God in wordless worship.

Lord of creation, I want to learn from the motionless, stark landscape of winter -- help me not to rush into your presence today, but praise you with a quiet heart, rather than in a tumble of words. May I find long moments to be silent before you.

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