Monday, January 30, 2012


As I have written many times before . . . Parenting is hard, hard, hard! This past week . . . this morning . . . this afternoon . . . this evening . . . nothing has changed my opinion . . . Parenting continues to be hard.

Why??? I know that is what you are wondering and maybe even asking. Why do you say Parenting is hard, hard, hard? 

Well, regardless of gender and/or number of children . . . children are simply children. They are not just a shorter version of adults . . . Children were given to us to love, hug, teach, disciple and when the time comes . . . we as parents discipline our children too.

Parenting is not for the weak or lazy . . . God never intended it to be!

So what have my little cherubs been up too?
  • Since school has returned from Christmas vacation, Cameron has determined once again that it is o.k. to take things that don't belong to him and then proceed to lie about it. His excuse is always . . . because I wanted it. Of course, this is totally unacceptable for any reason.
  • Ryan decided to dismiss some of his History lessons during home school . . . Mom of course checks his work each day . . . although Ryan didn't lie about the incomplete lesson, he did try to get out of doing it. Ryan is learning from experience . . . if he doesn't complete each of his lessons in their entirety . . . school gets much longer as we do the entire lesson again . . . together.
  • This morning EJ tried to forge my name on a take home naughty note from Friday. Not only did he lie to me about having a note on Friday, he tried to pass of his rendition of my signature to his teacher. Of course, Mr. C saw it immediately . . . especially when it was written in pencil and misspelled. A prompt visit to see the Principal should detour any recurrence . . . besides writing sentences . . . "I will not be dishonest" many times won't hurt.
  • I was in the shower this morning . . . in the master bathroom, with the door closed. I was all lathered up when I thought I heard the door open. I turned just in time to see Cody trying to take my picture with his Nintendo. Although he didn't get the photo, I was very upset with him about TRYING to take a photo of me . . . in the shower. Upon inspection of the Nintendo in the house I discovered a photo of Randy taken while he was brushing his teeth after his shower . . . in his undies. Needless to say, the Nintendo is off limits for a while . . . and I did delete the undies photo.
As a Mom, I know my boys can get into a lot of trouble if I/we don't keep up with what they have in their little minds. There are days that are much worse than others . . . some days are exasperating. This morning during my quiet time, I was reading a post by Lysa TerKeurst of Proverbs 31 ministries . . . and it stopped me in my tracks! I absolutely love reading Lysa's blog and books . . . click HERE to read Lysa's post.

Three things stuck with me . . .
  1. Don't take too much credit for their good.
  2. Don't take too much credit for their bad.
  3. Don't try to raise a good child. Raise a God-following adult.
My children are not perfect nor am I a perfect parent. It is through much prayer, teaching, instruction, mercy and grace from God above . . . our boys will turn out to be God Following Adults.


Marva said...

I loved your post and Lysa's too! Yes, parenting is so difficult!!!! God is good and we just keep our eyes set on HIM. He's all we have isn't He, Juju?! Hugs to you!

Leslie said...

Thanks for being real about how hard it is..makes me feel like I'm not alone. I have to admit the picture taking made me laugh- though I would never laugh in front of the offender. :)

The Whitakers said...

Ok Julie, since one of your other readers was honest. I have to admit the thought of your little photographer made Doug and I laugh a little too! :) You & Randy are working hard at doing everything you can for your kids. Don't get discouraged. Your doing a great job! ~Kristi :)

TJ said...

Kids are just so much fun... and then they aren't! My twins are so full of naughtiness, I'm hoping they get it all out now, and don't continue this streak.

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