Wednesday, January 11, 2012

No One Agrees

The house is quiet with the exception of the clicking of the keyboard as I write. 

The hour is late . . . everyone is in bed . . . no one fought sleep tonight.

I wonder if it is because they all feel it in their bones . . .

a winter storm is on its way.

According to the weather people . . .

we are expecting a bit of snow.

How much?

No one can agree.

I have heard:

1-3 inches
2-4 inches
3-6 inches

not one weather report has matched another

The only thing that is for sure . . .

The weather people have issued a Weather Alert . . .

a Winter Weather Advisory



wind gusts to 30 mph

throughout the day Thursday

and into Friday morning.

I could get excited . . .

but why waste the energy until I see the white stuff?


The Whitakers said...

Just tell me this Julie! Will there be school tomorrow???:)

Julie said...

Yes Ma'am there will be school! lol

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