Monday, January 23, 2012

MATH . . . Can anyone say EWW?

Tonight as I write, I sit and listen to my hubs explaining fractions to our nine year old son. Yes, the newly home schooling one. He has struggled with fractions for a while. Tonight Randy is sitting beside him at the breakfast bar going over the fractions . . . and over . . . and over . . . and over . . . and ~ well, you get the picture.

As I listen, I am reminded of my Dad sitting with me teaching me multiplication . . . it wasn't a pretty sight! I am not a math whiz . . . not even close. My Dad (and Mom) endured hours and hours and hours of multiplication tables . . . verbal. Did I mention that I have never liked math? Multiplication doesn't bother me any more and I am constantly working with numbers. Fractions were never my friend . . . enough said.

Hurray and YEAH are coming from the breakfast bar . . . good things are happening over there! Woo Hoo!

We had a very busy day with school . . . 7 hours . . . two more than usual. Tomorrow will be easier.

I am ready for some down time . . .


Leslie said...

A lucky little man you have to have two devoted parents. So lucky that you are both willing to meet his needs and homeschool. Keep it up! P.S. I hate math too!

Elizabeth said...

So glad you're hearing some positive sounds over there! Math isn't my strong point either. Thankfully, Zack needs very little explanation in math. Now, reading comprehension?? Someone, PLEASE get me an advil :)

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