Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Lil G, Homeschool and Lizards

Whew, missed posting yesterday ~ had a busy morning photographing this little guy:

Garrett is absolutely gorgeous and a blast to photograph!
This photo is not one that I touched up with photoshop . . . until his Mama and Daddy see them, I don't want to show them off! Sorry!

We tried several different "poses" with Garrett, but in typical 1 year old fashion he was simply too busy to sit still for even a second (which I totally expected). Instead, he would let me know when he was "posing" which was totally fine with JuJu!  Garrett's Mama brought a change of clothes for the photographs, so in between wardrobe changes I took a few nakie bum photos - from the back (no personal space was invaded) and at one point he surprised himself when he pee'd on the floor! It totally cracked me and his Mama up ~ after she got over being shocked and mortified at the same time!
Of course, in true fashion . . . JuJu got a great photograph of the entire event! 
(from a side/back kind of view).


Ryan is now on his fourth day of home school and continues to do well. The transition from school to home school has been fairly smooth. Of course, there is a difference in teaching . . . 
so thankful he is flexible! 

I have had a few comments from readers on this blog and facebook . . . surprised that Ryan is home schooled. I chose to home school/video school him through Abeka Academy 
and can I say It Is Fabulous?!?!

I am a HUGE fan of making sure my children learn as much as they can as their little brains are like sponges and soak up so much! It was very important to me to make sure Ryan's schooling was thorough . . . my sister in law and my niece both home school their children and have found video school to be such a blessing, so we enrolled Ryan in the video school with Abeka Academy. I have to tell you, they don't miss a beat! Now, don't get the wrong idea . . . I don't simply get him started and leave him to his work . . . no way, not this mama! This Mama is HANDS ON! I know the lessons that he is working on, what has been assigned, what was done in class time and what is coming up next. I help him work through each subject and make sure he is accomplishing everything PLUS grade his work. There are a few areas he is not as strong as the students in the video streaming classroom are, 
but he will be within a few sessions. 


Lizard update: for those of you who are simply chomping at the bit to know about the lizards, 
here you go:

Apollo and Artemis are doing well. They are both being socialized and love to "hang out" with the family. Apollo is a bit older than Artemis and is quite a bit more outgoing. He is also quite the eater and loves him some crickets! We think Artemis is a little lady and is just a bit more timid!
This morning I made Ryan's day . . .
I picked up the lizards and held them.
It really wasn't bad like I thought it would be . . .
although I still prefer cute and fluffy to
cool and rough.

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