Monday, January 2, 2012

January 2

January 2 ~ Day two of the New Year . . . What is in store for today?

The kids want to go shopping . . .  they have money burning a hole in their pocket.

Me? I would simply be content to be all cozied up with a good book, blanket and fire glowing brightly.

It is COLD outside . . .

the temperature is 25 degrees,


add in the wind chill . . .

and it feels like 11 degrees.

Definitely snuggle weather . . .

NOT shopping weather!

Of course, the kids don't think a thing about the temperature, the gusting winds or the snow flurries. They have their minds set on one thing . . . what they going to buy with their Christmas money.

There are only a few days left of Christmas Vacation . . .
school resumes on Thursday for the boys.

Life for us will return to normal . . .
well, as normal as it gets for us! lol

Ryan will begin home school on Thursday and is excited to start.
I am sure it will be interesting for both of us, but I too am looking forward to some
one on one time with my boy.

Well, half of the day is over . . . must get showered and together . . .
the kids are trying really hard to be patient!

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