Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Cleaning Pics

Our past two days have been filled to the brim with cleaning, organizing and purging. I promised pictures, so even though I cringe at the thought of showing these . . . here they are:

The first bedroom is our five year old Cody's room: (Cody was telling me "No I don't want my messy room on your blog - in a very whiney voice).



Everything was sorted, tidied, organized and put away. Cody has Lego storage to the right of the room and other toys storage in his closet.

Now for Cameron and EJ's Room - ages 8 & 7:


Yes, we had plenty of work set out for us! BTW, the floors in the upstairs of our home are all THIS floor color. (Some of the pictures show the color a burgundy kind of color ~ strange!) This photo was taken after Cameron had "worked" on cleaning it up for 3 hours).


There is that burgundy looking floor again! Drives me crazy, but I took the photo with my little camera and it tends to change colors a bit more red. I suppose I should have adjusted these with photo shop before I posted . . . oh well, no time tonight.

Today we focused on the upstairs hall, stairway, Master bedroom, Master Bath, Master Closet and Master Sitting Room/AM Kitchen. Even with all of those areas, we were done in about four hours compared to the 9 yesterday.

I also wanted to show you a few sweet things . . .

This sweet little chest has been in our family for quite some time and previously lived at Aunt Darlene's house. On the inside of the little door was a note that this chest was to go to me when she died. I love it! The little glass knob was not on the door of the chest when it was given to me a few weeks ago . . . it had a black plastic knob which I am certain was not original. I found the cute little knob on Pottery Barn and think it really makes the chest look more its age. The little clock and Mercury glass hurricane lamp add just the right touch!

A few days ago, I received an order of frames that I had placed several weeks ago. This frame is extra wide with a small 3x3" empty square in the middle. This is what I added to that little empty photo square: "Be Still & Know that I am God."

I absolutely LOVE it . . . just a few minutes with the computer and printer and we have a classic, one of a kind decor piece.

Here it is on the table at the turn of our stairs . . .

Well, that is about it for me tonight . . . three of the boys head back to school tomorrow and I have a place or two I need to be.

Tonight, I am going to chill out and watch a disc of the closer . . . at least a few episodes. 

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Marva said...

The "before" of the boys rooms looklike our boys rooms! LOL I love the chest! It is a beautiful treasure! I love that scripture; I just need to remember it more often! Our boys also start school today! What a blessing! ;)

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