Sunday, January 8, 2012


Tonight, after devotions and poem reading we embarked on something new or should I say something OLD!?

I introduced the boys to the world of BINGO! While we were shopping at ToysRus this last week, I came across a lovely Bingo set that was on sale. So . . . I snatched it up and loved that I got it on sale!

As we sat down to play, Ryan commented: "Wow, we are OLD people now 'cause we are playin' Bingo!"

Here are pictures of our game . . . displayed in the order they were taken . . . sorry, I didn't edit the color!

Cody had the first Bingo!

Not quite sure what EJ was helping Cameron with.

 Cute little Bingo set

 Ryan was concentrating.

 Cameron was counting how many ways he could win.

 EJ was waiting patiently.

 a BINGO for Ryan.

 a BINGO for Cody

 Cody was thrilled, can you tell?

 more BINGO happiness
 EJ finally got a BINGO . . . Cameron was less than thrilled.

We continued to play . . . EJ got two more Bingos on the same card.

Cameron was frustrated.

This picture is funny . . . it looks like Cameron is asking God for a little help here!

yet another EJ win . . .

Cameron presses on, even though he can't believe he can't get a Bingo.

I just told Cameron . . . we will continue until YOU get a Bingo




The kids and I had great fun and there were a lot of laughs.
Bingo night is fun!

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Marva said...

We love us some Bingo! Great pics!

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