Saturday, January 28, 2012

Beautiful White, Teaching and a Date

This morning we woke to beautiful white . . . it snowed last night and left us a beautifully bright white morning!

The lake has a thin layer of ice . . . not nearly thick enough for ice skating or ice fishing.
Isn't it beautiful?

These pictures were taken from my kitchen window.
I love to look out at the beauty God has given us.

Standing at my kitchen sink . . . 

Yesterday lil' Beckett had surgery . . . she was spayed, had four baby teeth removed and received two shots. She is a bit "out of it" . . . I don't like seeing her this way . . . Bless her little heart. She should perk up in a day or two . . . I hope.

Emma went along to the vet . . . she has been "stinky" even after being groomed each week. A little visit with our favorite veterinarian Jenny found the problem. Emma has a bad yeast infection on her skin. Not sure of the cause. Jenny gave Emma a shot and also prescribed an anti-fungal and antibiotic for Emma along with medicated shampoo. She will be getting a bath today and then the shampoo will go with her to the groomer on Wednesday. She should be feeling better soon . . . and hopefully stink free!

Our first week with "Alice" was interesting . . . it is an odd feeling . . . imagine someone taking care of all of your house chores . . . a "job" you have taken care of for almost 30 years. In a way, it feels "wrong" to not be vacuuming, dusting, cleaning bathrooms, tidying up, cleaning the house. Now, I am not saying that "Alice" isn't working out . . . in fact, just the opposite . . . she is amazing! Alice is VERY  thorough and stays busy all day. I went into the laundry room to tend to laundry . . . Alice came in a few minutes later and asked if she could take care of the laundry for me. I told her we could do it together . . . she smiled and we had a nice chat while folding two loads of laundry. Alice then told me that she would put it away . . . I had a load in my hand and she promptly took it and put it away. By this time, I am certain you are all wondering what in the world do I do all day.  I am sure you are imagining me sitting poolside sipping an ice tea and eating bon bons or something. NOT the case! In fact, the opposite is true . . . my day begins by getting three of the boys off to school . . . Katelyn drops them off each morning on her way to college. Generally by 8:00 Ryan has began his home school day . . . which means  hands on time for me. Ryan has normal studies . . . just like he was in a classroom at a school. Math, Spelling, Science, Language, History, Penmanship, Poetry, Reading . . . so 4 1/2 - 5 hours a day are busy with schooling. When Ryan doesn't require my assistance, I am at my computer taking care of office work for the business or home. I am fortunate that I can run my business office from home on days that I cannot be in the office. However, I am trying to get everything in order to head into the office each afternoon. I am always a telephone call away if I am at home instead of present in the office. Then there are the normal Mom things to keep me busy the remainder of the time along with running here or there for appointments, to pick up things or to visit.

Learning to make right choices continues in our home . . . the "I did it because I wanted to" or "I took it because I wanted it" doesn't fare well with this Mom and Dad. So, heavy duty teaching has been keeping Randy and I a bit busier these days. Two of our boys received take home notes because from school this past week and the third was in the Principal's office. Definitely not a good week for our boys. One of the boys refused to raise his hand before talking and/or was talking when he was supposed to be listening. Another of the boys wouldn't lay quiet at nap time and decided it was "goof off" time with a classmate. The other boy I wrote about the other day . . . so I won't go into what he did. Of course, those naughty notes coming home did not thrill Randy or I . . . one of the boys lied and said he had not gotten in trouble . . . an email for him teacher regarding his note not being signed and sent back alerted us. Randy and I are in sync with one another concerning the boys. We tend to "share" the teaching responsibilities and when one isn't working with the boys, the other one is. Of course, loss of privileges are BIG in our home . . . so today will probably be pretty calm and quiet in our home. Getting in trouble at school = no nintendo games, no television and extra chores. Hopefully, one day they will learn it simply isn't worth it to get into trouble at school.

This evening Randy and I have a date! We are thrilled and will be enjoying another couple that we love dearly! They are parents of NINE! The four of us will be "double dating" and can't wait! I will have to let you know of the fun we have in another post.

Have a great day!

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