Tuesday, December 6, 2011

What Did I Do Today?

What did I do today?
  1. enjoyed three yummy cups of coffee
  2. blogged
  3. sorted laundry
  4. started the laundry
  5. folded the laundry
  6. cleaned the laundry room
  7. scrubbed the laundry room floor ~~~  I sense a laundry type theme today!!! lol
  8. scrubbed the mud room floor
  9. spray painted my Christmas craft items in the garage
  10. choked on the paint fumes . . .
  11. cleaned one of our half baths ~ top to bottom
  12. had lunch
  13. had a water break
  14. ordered my son some pants and shirts - he is growing again!
  15. checked emails
Time for a break!
  1. went through the mail
  2. cleaned the library
  3. opened up a few delivery boxes
  4. fed the furry babes
  5. tended a bit more laundry
  6. dinner time
  7. tidied the boys' games that are stored in the library cabinetry
Tonight Katelyn and I are snuggled under blankets watching "The Help"  . . . so far it is pretty good.

The temperature is to be cold tonight . . . down to 25 degrees . . . better stay snuggled.

G'night all


Patrice said...

I think the question should be...What didn't you do! You rocked the awesome! HA!

Patrice said...

Is it crazy that I think I left some of my comment off...not sure, but wanted to make sure I commented the correct way! HAHA!

I wanted to say that you rocked it in the awesome department! Great job with getting so much done!

Not sure if I got that on there or not....hmmm, I must be long overdue for a nap!! HA!

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