Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Tuesday, Lists and a Great Book

Today is a bit of a "down" day . . . I have yet to shower and get dressed, although I have thoroughly enjoyed two yummy cups of coffee! This morning I have a hair appointment and I am REALLY ready for a bit of pampering!

I have given Katelyn a list of things I need picked up or delivered today. I love delegating!!! lol I love that I can ask her to take care of things and don't have to worry about them from there.

I am making lists . . . I have little post its all over to remind me of things I need to do. Nothing huge, but I have so much going on in my mind I am afraid I will forget something.

The boys only have today and 1/2 day tomorrow of school . . . then the crazy days of Christmas vacation begin. They have class parties tomorrow and are so excited about them.

My pantry is beginning to empty out . . . the Christmas craft items had taken over. I am beginning to see a bit of normalcy in there once again. I have to laugh when I am in the bulk of Christmas crafts as we have this and that for the crafts. The overflow and storage goes into the pantry as I don't like leaving things out. Having said that . . . our breakfast bar is loaded down with whatever has been thrown there . . . definitely a chore I need to tend to today. Does your home have a "catch all" place? What do you do about it?

Gifts are beginning to make their way under our Christmas tree. The boys have brought things home all wrapped up pretty from school. We also have gifts for our delivery people under the tree waiting for the day to hand them out. We love that little tradition in our family as it is this time of year we can give to those who work so hard all year long . . . the paper guy, mail lady, fedex and ups guys, the milk guy and the schwans delivery guy too.

I began reading a book last night . . . Have Heart . . . a beautiful book written by a Mom and Dad after their 19 year old son went to Heaven. They have written so many beautiful and encouraging things in this book and I could hardly put it down. With so many of our loved ones dying, I found comfort in this book. It is refreshing to read that the authors do not use the word "loss" in their home and know their son Josiah is alive and well in Heaven. I encourage you to download a copy of this book to your ipad, computer or kindle . . . or even order the book.

Time is ticking away . . . gotta go.

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