Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Still in my Jammies!

As I write, I am still in my jammies . . . it is 1:30 p.m. I know . . . Shame on me! I have not really accomplished much today . . .

  • I have been refereeing the boys
  • Made the boys' lunch - omelets with turkey and cheese, plus a banana ~ and eggnog ~ they were thrilled
  • Sent my youngest to bed for a nap . . . he was being VERY disagreeable ~ with everyone
  • I ate a salad with turkey for lunch ~ yum
  • Tonight I am making the family a version of shepherd's pie . . . with turkey. Yep, we are eating turkey 1,000 different ways and I have to say ~ the boys love it!
  • I checked emails and facebook . . . 
  • I even thought about digging into the upstairs - deep cleaning time you know, but that was simply a fleeting thought!
This afternoon I think I am going to grab my iPad and begin a new book . . . I have read and Finished two books this past week. Hurray for Me! 

I was going to take the boys to a new zoo near us . . . but I decided NOT . . . I really don't want to referee them out in public . . . why make some unsuspecting soul grumpy?!

Off to grab my ipad!

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