Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Preparing for Christmas . . .New Traditions

Snow Flurries . . . they certain begin preparing you for what is to come. This morning was beautiful as the snow was drifting down in a flurry . . . I hate to admit it, but I am excited to actually WANT a large snow.  Sorry to all of you NON snow people!

This morning has been busy in our home as things are a bit behind here from last week. Helping to tend my Uncle S has put me a bit behind at home ~~~ not that I am complaining, just explaining. Today, laundry is running full tilt, I have thoroughly cleaned one of our 1/2 baths and the laundry room. What is up with all of the dust that accumulates atop the stack able washer and dryers? Sheesh . . .  A few little house spiders were trying to leave their mark . . . took care of those pesky little creatures. 

I have begun work on a few Christmas crafts to give away to friends/family. I will post pictures when all is finished. I also have the boys working on Christmas tree decorations. We are changing things up a bit this Christmas . . . Usually by now we have the tree up and decorated, the kids have little trees in their bedrooms, etc. This year we are going to get a real tree . . . no ordinary Christmas tree, but a less beautiful one than a tree that is the norm. Yep, a Charlie Brown kind of tree. The kids are going to decorate the tree with homemade (made by them) decorations. They are THRILLED! I am too! I plan to have the camera in hand for the entire adventure . . . the decoration making, the tree hunt, the decorating, the eating of decorations . . . the whole sha-bang. I may even have them help bake . . . or not, who knows.

Generally, I am like everyone else preparing for Christmas . . . a HUGE list of TO-DOs to accomplish and by the time Christmas is here . . . I am thoroughly worn out and barely had time to enjoy it. NOT THIS YEAR!!! Although all of the Christmas Cards have gone out, all other prep has been very slow and enjoyable! I want to take time to enjoy our family, watch the kids and the twinkle of excitement in their eyes! This morning my boys wanted to know "WHAT are we making tonight?" I think tonight we will finish up our thumbprint Christmas ornaments and start work on our construction paper chains. There will be plenty more crafty things to make . . . we will need to string cranberries and marshmallows, string fruit loop chains, make air dry clay ornaments and hang them with pip cleaners . . . we will cut them from cookie cutters. Then there is the Christmas popcorn to make and also a few dozen cookies to decorate. We will ENJOY these little endeavors together . . . as a family!

New traditions, Plenty of Fun and Family! Grandma may even come and help string up a few things!

What are you doing with your family to prepare for Christmas?


Natalie said...

oh that sounds like such a great idea!! And special for your boys...this year we are reading an advent book that is like a devotional....everyday until Christmas there is a diff ornament! The devotions start at the story of creation-the the birth of Christ. The boys are loving their little "real" tree in their room....it sure is sweet!

Patrice said...

I love it, I can picture the family sitting around stringing popcorn to hang on the tree! Great new tradition!!!

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