Sunday, December 11, 2011

an Old Fashioned Type Christmas Prep, part 2

Our Sunday has once again been a day of togetherness and sweet Christmas preparation. More pictures:

The Clay came out today . . . it is an air dry type of clay and was easy to work with. I separated out clay for three of the boys (a third was in trouble and could not participate). Each had a lump of clay and a can of beans to roll the clay with. I lined the table with parchment paper so each could work with less mess. We used cookie cutters to cut shapes once the clay was rolled flat.

 Cody is taking this task quite seriously!

 EJ is rolling his clay and is very determined.

A few of the cutouts.

 Cody with his angel.

 Ryan is rolling his clay. 

 We used a straw to put a hole in each cutout.

Chocolate covered popcorn.
Sending some yummy goodness to our neighbor "Grandpa".

The kids have already dug into their bowl of yummy goodness!
Apparently, it was really good as the bowl is now empty.


Marva said...

YUM!!! The chcolate covered popcorn looks delish!!! Would you share the recipe, please? Hugs!

Mimi said...

Tell those kiddos to keep up the food work!

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