Sunday, December 11, 2011

an Old Fashioned Type Christmas Prep, part 1

Where did this day go? Believe it or not, my kids slept in this morning!!! I almost guaranteed they would stay in bed this morning . . . I told them if they got up early I would take them to school today. They believed me! lol  . . . I know, I am so shamie!!! But we all REALLY needed our rest!!!

Katelyn, Ryan, Emma, Mia, Beckett and I headed off to pick up some gifts in a small nearby town. Ryan thoroughly enjoyed the cookies and fudge . . . totally made his day! Our furry babes went inside too . . . they were a hit with many of the people . . . Emma stayed in the car and watched everything from there.

Within a short time, we headed for home . . . took the dogs home and then headed to meet Randy and the boys at a local eatery. Everyone had a great time and were excited to get out to the tree farm . . . Here we are . . . in pictures:

My little brood! A quick picture first . . . Let the tree search begin!

 In true Lampoon's Christmas Vacation fashion, the boys found THE TREE!
Daddy quickly over ruled the boys and told them to try again.

 They were happy to obey Daddy and headed a little further into the trees.

 There were alot of trees!

Katelyn was sizing up this little tree.

 Found One!!!

 Daddy was showing the boys how to cut down a Christmas Tree.

Helping Daddy cut it down.


 Ryan, Cameron, Evan James and Cody are carrying the little tree to the tree netter.

 Shake anything out before we take it home Cameron!

 Ryan's turn!

Pinecone treasures!

 Cody has an armload of pinecones.

The tree and pinecones are all loaded in the back of the pickup.

Everyone was excited . . . and cold!

Tomorrow's post . . . Decorating the Christmas tree with homemade decorations.

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Marva said...

What fun!!! We are going to have a real tree next year! ;) Hugs!

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