Monday, December 19, 2011

The Monday Before Christmas

A full weekend is now behind us and the week before Christmas before us. The excitement is mounting with each day, especially since the kids only have 2 1/2 days to go. Today the boys were so excited  . . .  NO SPELLING or MEMORY VERSE this week! I am quite certain it is a highlight for them.

I have finished up all of the faux gum ball machines . . . they are ready to be given to their recipients. We will be working on putting together reindeer dust again this year . . . the boys are excited to help with that project. There are still gifts to be wrapped and groceries for Christmas, before, during and after to be purchased. Randy is finishing up a few gifts for guys this week as well. I am thrilled as gifts are finished . . . my pantry looked like craft central threw up all over it! lol

Looking at how busy we have been, I now wonder what are we going to keep busy with AFTER Christmas? hmmmmm

The clouds are dreary this morning . . . we are hoping for a big Christmas snow! Probably not going to happen!

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