Monday, December 19, 2011

Life, Questions and Make Memories

Life is hard . . . knowing what to tell your kids every time they ask you questions about this or that can be difficult. The "what, why or how" can stop you mid sentence. These past months have been some of the most difficult in terms of heavy duty questions from my kiddos . . . questions about life, death and everything in between. I am thankful for those simple child type questions . . . the ones I can answer easily and chuckle to myself that they were asked.

Questions like these:
  1. Mom, are black jeans the same as blue ones?
  2. Why can't Christmas be today?
  3. Do we have to go to school when we are on Christmas Vacation?
  4. Why do I have to go to bed when I want to play games on the ipad?
  5. Can I have waffles today?
  6. Can we open ONE present on Christmas Eve?
  7. Have you seen Max the Elf today?
  8. Why do I have to sleep in my own room?
  9. Why do we have to do homework?
  10. 5 minutes after dinner . . . Mom, can I have a snack? Really?
I am certain in the coming years those "Hard" questions will return. Many prayers between now and then are my goal!

Our Old Fashioned Family Christmas is getting closer and closer . . . less than one week . . . six short days from now. Today my office staff were my wrapping elves and they all did a FABULOUS job! I am more than THRILLED they accomplished so much! I have a few gifts here at home that I need to get wrapped and there are a few more at the office to wrap and tag . . . but 90% are ready.

Friday evening our Family Christmas begins at our niece and nephew's house. We will have a blast! Saturday, Christmas Eve will be at my sister's house . . . more fun! Christmas Day . . . we will stay home. We discovered a few years ago how wonderful it is to spend Christmas Day at home with our children. Usually, my Mom and Dad join us for a waffle breakfast . . . although this year Christmas is on a Sunday and that throws breakfast waffles up in the air. So, we are thinking about Monday morning waffles instead. I am planning a turkey dinner and all the trimmings on Christmas Day . . . a very unhurried and enjoyable meal. Our Christmas Day will be relaxed . . . watching our kids open their gifts, take plenty of pictures and treasure each and every moment.

I urge you . . . this Christmas focus on FAMILY. Christmas isn't about getting yourself all stressed, freaking out when things aren't perfect or overloading each other.

This past year has reminded us . . . life is too short to fret about the small stuff. Celebrating life and spending it with those you love is the MOST important. Making Memories . . . having family together and loving one another . . . the ONLY things that matter!  So, take the time to snuggle with your hubby, your kiddos, grandchildren . . . and grandparents, aunts and uncles. Make those memories . . . the ones you will ALWAYS remember!

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