Wednesday, December 21, 2011


Katelyn's first semester at Bradley is officially over . . . grades have been posted. My girl has a 3.37 GPA as of the end of the first semester and ranks in the top 28% of the freshman class and in the top 29% of the freshman of the arts college. Here are her grades: Art - Drawing A; Art - 2D design B; Survey Art History B; English Composition A; Spanish B.

We are so proud of her and THRILLED with her dedication and hard work!

The kids have a half day of school tomorrow and then Christmas vacation begins. They have been occupying their time playing wii . . . they love the cooking game. The game shows a restaurant and the players have to cook . . . or burn the restaurant down. It is hysterical to watch them play as they cut, dice, slice, fry and prepare food. The inspector comes for visits too. It is a great game for them.

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Marva said...

What a fun game!!!! Way to go Katelyn!

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