Tuesday, December 27, 2011

December 27, 2011 is going down in the Price Family history book as a "get it together" kind of day. Like many others across the world, we had a bit of a mess since Christmas. No matter how we tried we just couldn't get it "together". Well, today was the day! I got my troops together and began instructing them about what needed taken care of. We had quite a list . . . and we took care of it all. Yep, the entire list.

The list:

  • tidy . . . boy THAT was a job!
  • fold laundry as it came out of the dryers
  • clean two 1/2 bathrooms on the main floor - all sanitized after the sickies
  • murphy oil soap the kitchen cabinets
  • clean and polish the kitchen counter tops
  • tidy the pantry - at least it is tidied . . . although not exactly how I like it
  • wiped counters in the laundry room
  • scrubbed all tile surfaces on the main floor
  • wiped the stairs
  • tidied the nintendo drawer
  • tidied the game drawers and cabinet
  • tidied the video drawers
  • vacuumed the sectional
  • watered plants
  • tidied my desk . . . again
  • wiped down baseboards - main floor
  • Katelyn took care of upstairs chores . . . floors and dusting
  • sorted and matched a basket of socks
  • wiped down the breakfast bar stools
  • murphy oil soaped the chairs to the table
  • emptied the dishwashers
  • filled up one dishwasher and started it
  • tidied the laundry room
  • the piano room floor - wiped down
  • the library room floor - wiped down
  • the stairs - wiped
  • replaced batteries in our flameless candles
  • replaced wax in one of our scentsy warmers
Randy was home from work at normal time . . . he was thrilled we had accomplished so much. 

I made turkey & cheese panini sandwiches for the family for dinner . . . they also had tortilla chips and salsa and cherry fluff. I heard yum yum yum yum for quite some time.

I am not certain what tomorrow will bring . . . we do need to clean the basement . . . of course, we still have plenty of vacation days left! It sure would be fun to have a movie and snuggle kind of day . . . maybe I will talk myself into it! We shall see . . .

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