Monday, December 26, 2011

a day of Christmas at our house in pictures

Christmas Day at our house . . .

Ryan with the first of the gifts.

All of the boys promptly dug into the gifts . . . finding their name and tearing open the paper.

 Cameron and Ryan are discussing the new Tank Ryan just opened . . . they all four received a tank.
 Cody was enjoying his gift opening.

 Ryan found another as Cody is watching.

 Woo Hoo another for Cody! 

 Cody has the craziest expressions!

 EJ is behind this box.

 Cameron and EJ are searching for their names.

 Cameron is watching as he takes the bell of of the ribbon.

 Yet another RAISED eyebrow expression!


No matter how I try, some of the pictures were a blurr . . . they were moving pretty quickly! 

 Busy, Busy boys . . .
totally in the zone!

 EJ finally found his tank!

 I am thinking he kind of likes the tank!

 see . . . blurr

 I am really surprised Cameron had as much opened as he did . . . he stopped and checked out his brothers' gifts several times. 

 Katelyn finally decided she would get in on the action.

 She was thrilled with her Burberry purse.

Our Christmas wasn't quite the same with Daddy sick, but the kids and I made it work!
They helped clean up all of the wrapping paper and took their "haul" to their rooms.
They have had a blast opening each item and playing.

The pictures below are from today . . .
we were working on our Happy New Year photos.
I saw this little idea on Pinterest and fell in love with it instantly!

Katelyn and the boys totally rocked it out.
How did we go about it?
Two strings of lights wrapped loosely around four little boys . . .
One willing Sister . . .
Vinyl tape . . . very non sticky cut into strips to resemble duct tape.
One cute lil' puppy.

The boys were thrilled to be "tied up" with Christmas lights.
I told them to act like they were being shushed and
tied up to make them behave.
Ryan's expression was priceless!
As you can see by EJ's face . . . he was trying not to laugh.


I certainly LOVE my lil' family! 


JustJess said...

Looks like a wonderful Christmas! Those expressions are priceless. Thanks for sharing your memories.

Mimi said...

Very nice pictures of your kids!
We had a sick daddy this Christmas, too.
I hope that you all enjoy the rest of Christmas break and have a Happy New Year!

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