Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas Day 2011

It is almost 8:30 p.m. as I write . . . things are beginning to calm down around here. Our Christmas began early, early this morning when were abruptly awakened from our Christmas Eve slumber by the sounds of our five year old ~ hit with the stomach bug. Poor little guy had no rest until just before the sun began to rise . . . by that time, Randy began his bout with the stomach bug . . . he had it a bit worse than Cody did and stayed upstairs most of the day.

I had a BIG day planned for everyone, BIG breakfast, BIG lunch/dinner and plenty of snacks in between. Everyone was fine with very simple today . . . hopefully, all will be better tomorrow so we can have our BIG yummy day . . . Turkey and all the trimmings.

Our official Christmas began with a cup of coffee and my camera. The boys were thrilled to dig into the gifts all the while my camera was clicking away. Screams, jumping around and even a few BOO YAs were heard! There was wrapping paper strewn across the family room, a gift pile for each of the boys was began, Katelyn and I enjoyed coffee while Emma and Mia slept and Beckett lay very content on Katelyn's lap watching all of the excitement.

The boys opened their gifts, gave BIG hugs and Thank Yous . . . ear to ear smiles filled our family room. I sat back and watched them . . . my boys, helping one another opening gifts, taking off ribbon or finding just one more gift with their name on it. 

Finally, the gifts were all opened and the wrapping paper mess had been cleaned up. I sat down at my computer, accessed and played the beautiful song . . . Happy Birthday Jesus! I wasn't sure my children were listening, but you know what? They were . . . a bit later I heard them singing Happy Birthday Jesus! This Mama's heart was thrilled beyond measure!

This is the song they heard:

Although our Christmas Day did not turn out as we had planned we are thankful we had each other and we felt Blessed to be celebrating the Birth of Our LORD Jesus Christ!

I end this post tonight by simply saying this:


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