Saturday, December 3, 2011


Whew, it has been a L-O-N-G week! I have not had the time or energy to write and I apologize. 

Do you ever wonder how you get it all done? It seems almost impossible some days, doesn't it? 

It amazes me that we are already in December. Yesterday, was Randy's birthday . . . he turned 
"ahem" 53 years old . . . yep, he is OLD! lol

Grandpa "Buzzard" and the work gang sang to Randy on Friday Morning in the office. I took a video of it on my telephone . . . it was awful and fun all at the same time! lol

Here are a few pictures of Randy, the kids and the mini birthday celebration last night.

The boys made Daddy some really cool Lego creations.

EJ's gift is to the left on the table and below.

Cody's turn . . . a chain necklace and drawing with his hands, feet and then a kiss.

Drawings and cards.

Lego Heroes from Ryan

a Best Dad trophy from Ryan

a "Give a Mouse a Cookie" stuffed animal from Cody.

Cameron made a "Happy Birthday" sign out of Legos . . . think there is a bit of mispellings.

The movie Tucker

The Book of Knowledge . . . there should be something he doesn't know.

Katelyn and I worked hours on this little gem.
1962 Micro Bus/Camper by Volkswagon.
A total HIT with Daddy!

The boys decided Daddy NEEDED birthday spankings . . .
to say the least, he got his share and then some.

I do believe, Randy had a lovely and enjoyable birthday.

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Leslie said...

Happy Birthday Randy! What a sweet picture with that big smile on his face with his boys and their gifts all around him. What a beautiful family God has blessed you all with! Just makes me giddy with happiness for you.

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