Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Aunt Darlene and Uncle Sam

This morning as I write, the skies are extremely dark . . . it is pouring rain. The skies match match the way I feel this morning . . . these past weeks are catching up with me and I feel a bit sober this morning. Monday, December 12 was Aunt Darlene's 78th Birthday . . . her first she celebrated in Heaven. I miss calling her to tell her Happy Birthday and hearing her say, "Well, Thank You Very Much!" While I was getting myself together Monday, I sang Happy Birthday to her. I miss my Aunt Darlene, I miss our little chats and her hugs. I miss her impromptu calls about this or that. I miss her emails from Florida during the winter . . . reading about her feeding the fish in the lake (she was fishing), going here or there with friends or simply doing nothing. I miss calling her "Ding Ding". I still struggle with the realization she has moved to Heaven and I can't simply stop in at her house or call her on the telephone.

In the course of three and a half months we buried both Aunt Darlene and Uncle Sam. Yesterday was Uncle Sam's Memorial/Funeral service . . . he was in Heaven with Aunt Darlene to Celebrate her birthday with her and I have praised God for that. Uncle Sam missed Aunt Darlene so much! Our lives will never be the same without them. Uncle Sam and Ryan were great buddies . . . there is a big empty space in my nine year old's heart. Ryan lay his head on my shoulder the other night and told me that he really misses Uncle Sam and Aunt Darlene. Uncle Sam and Ryan enjoyed hanging out together . . . they loved going to Long John Silver's or GodFather's Pizza to eat. They took long walks and hiked in the woods together. Uncle Sam was VERY hands on with my boy ~Ryan had a special bond with them both.

Uncle Sam loved to golf . . . he loved getting out in the sunshine and walk that golf course. He also loved to help others with whatever was needed. He also loved to drive . . . when they headed down to Florida and back each year he would not let Aunt Darlene drive . . . he drove the entire way. I miss Uncle Sam's impromptu drop ins . . . he would drop in anytime, sometimes staying for coffee and other times just to tell or show us something. He loved teasing my boys.

Our lives were certainly blessed by having Aunt Darlene and Uncle Sam in our lives.

Enjoy Heaven Uncle Sam and Aunt Darlene . . . We Love You and Miss You Both!

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