Wednesday, December 21, 2011

946th post, recap of the day

This is my 946th post on this lil' ole' blog. I was hoping to make it to 1000 by New Year's Eve, but I am not sure I am going to make it!

This morning the kids had parties at school. Two of the boys were in classes that went ice skating for a few hours. Ryan has a big bruise on the back of his calf . . . he said he fell more than he was up. Cameron also fell and hit his head on the ice. Me . . . I am not a big fan of ice skating . . . or the injuries. Tylenol and careful watching for injury problems.

The kids are now officially on Christmas Vacation . . . let the par-t-a-y begin! lol I am just kidding! The boys are in FULL party mode now and it is a bit difficult to calm them down a bit. I have kept a few craft items for them to do while waiting for Christmas to come. We will be attempting to make wooden angels and something fun out of pine cones. Of course, while we are being crafty the boys will be served yummy hot chocolate.

Katelyn and I were talking tonight about how things seem to be speeding up but the preparations are slowing down. Tonight I began working on our Christmas breakfast and lunch/dinner menu. I don't want to spend the day in the kitchen, so we will have most of the prep work done before hand.

Today we were surprised to receive a beautiful turkey from one of our favorite neighbors! The turkey is a beauty!!!

Well, that is about all I have for tonight . . . sleep well.

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