Thursday, December 29, 2011

2011 Recap

December 29 . . . wow, it is hard to believe the year 2011 is just a few short days of being "History".  
I am not going to ask, "Where did it go?" as 2011 was a very long and hard year for our family.
I could write this post and recap the "hard times", but you have all been through them and we have shared many, many tears. Today is a simple post . . . reviewing the past year . . .

Are you ready?

January, 2011: 
  • Grandma "Ro" turned 90 . . . a big party was thrown for her
  • JC "Fat Dog" spent the day with me
  • Katelyn rescued "George" a pitbull that found our home
  • Extreme winter storm warnings were issued for our area
February, 2011
  • Blizzard 2011 . . . 18-20" of snow for Central Illinois
  • Katelyn turned 18
  • I began 1,000 gifts . . . and finished it before the year end
  • Randy had a radical knee replacement - Valentine's Day
March, 2011
  • My Ryan was being bullied - the sad thing, it continued through to this school year too
  • Katelyn received 1ST in State for her Monochromatic drawing
  • Cody turned 5 years old
  • March 28, Aunt Ding Ding had her first computer lesson at my house - she rocked it!
April, 2011
  • Katelyn was accepted to her college of choice AND received a scholarship for part of the tuition
  • Randy became enthralled with a "Green Egg" smoker/grill . . . a Green Egg became part of the family
  • Turtles were everywhere . . . they became a favorite creature and we went out on the lake specifically to count them
  • April 13, our little Beckett was born
May, 2011
  • Sr. picture time . . . Katelyn and I had a blast taking her Senior pictures
  • Katelyn's "prom"
  • EJ's 7th birthday
  • Cameron's 8th birthday
  • Katelyn began the "firsts of the lasts"
  • Katelyn Graduated
June, 2011
  • Katelyn's Graduation open house
  • Beckett came home
  • Serious storms through our area
  • Heavy Duty Heat throughout Central Illinois
July, 2011
  • Cowboy night - the kids dressed like cowboys, ate beans on the fire, fished with a string & hook, slept outside with Daddy (in a tent)
  • Lethal temperatures in Central Illinois
  • My birthday
  • Car show - we all enjoyed
August, 2011
  • Grandma Ro passed away
  • My Daddy turned 70 and there was a big Birthday Sock Hop at my Sister's house
  • Aunt Darlene passed away
  • JC "fat dog" passed away
  • the boys returned to school
  • College began for Katelyn
September, 2011
  • September 2, the adoption of our three youngest was finalized
  • Cody underwent Allergy testing - Peanut Allergy - Severe
  • Uncle Frank passed away
  • Ryan's 9th birthday
October, 2011
  • Randy and I celebrated our 29th Anniversary
  • I went on strike . . . Mom style
  • We went to the pumpkin farm
November, 2011
  • Pneumonia hit Katelyn HARD
  • Thanksgiving
  • Lego - the toy of preference in our home
  • Pneumonia hit Randy
December, 2011
  • Uncle Sam passed away
  • We began planning an Old Fashioned Christmas
  • LOVE radiated from family and friends
  • the stomach flu hit
  • Christmas
  • We made the decision to Home school Ryan
  • Katelyn and Grandma took a shopping trip 
Have a great day!

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Jenny @ flutterbyechronicles said...

Great post to take you through the whole year :) I hope this New Year is full of wonderful new adventures for your family.

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